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Easy Video Podcast Setup For Beginners – Everything You Need To Know

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In the recent times, video podcast has become very popular due to a variety of reasons. In fact, the growth rate of video podcasts has become somewhat similar to that of an audio podcast. 

However, it is no denying that most podcasters, especially beginners do not have proper knowledge about the perfect video podcast setup

Also, they do lack proper knowledge about the right video podcast equipment setup. 

In today’s post, I am going to share a detailed post on an easy video podcast setup for beginners. Throughout this discussion, I will try to describe everything that you need to know when it comes to getting prepared for recording your video podcast shows. 

Your job is to put your full focus while studying the following discussion. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the discussion…. 

Easy Video Podcast Setup For Beginners 

If I consider the most basic equipment for a video podcast setup, the essential names that come into my mind are a good quality camera for podcast, a set of handphones, and good quality microphone. 

However, these are only the basic equipment you need for a video podcasting setup. In addition to the items mentioned above, there are also plenty of other vital tools you will need for your video podcasting setup. 

In the following, I am going to describe almost you need when you want an easy and cheap video podcasting setup for your podcast show. 

So, here we go…. 

Video Podcasting Setup: Camera 

camera setup for podcast

For video podcasting, the first thing you need is a good quality camera. In this regard, I want to remind you of the great saying – 

“The camera sees more than the eye, so why not make use of it?” – according to Edward Weston

So, it gives a clear indication that you definitely need a good quality video camera in order to produce a good-quality video podcast. 

One of the most interesting things you should know in this regard is that there are varieties of camera options available for you to choose from. 

Let’s get to know each of these available options so you can choose the perfect one depending on your budget…. 

  1. Smartphone 

Well, the first option I have for you for recording a video podcast is a smartphone. Now, the question that may pop up in your mind is that – “How good the video quality can you get from a smartphone?” 

The good news is if you choose any of the latest models from the leading smartphone manufacturing brands like Apple or Samsung, you don’t really need to be worried about the video quality. 

If I were to choose a smartphone for a video podcast show, I would definitely go for smartphone models like iPhone 13 pro max or 12 pro max from the Apple and Galaxy S21 Ultra from the Samsung mobile phone manufacturing company. 

Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose the best option from the available ones. But you have to make sure that the smartphone you choose should come with the feature of 4K video recording so you can expect good quality for your video podcast show. 

On the contrary, if you don’t really have a budget to purchase a new smartphone right now, you can surely use your current mobile phone if that has at least some decent video recording feature. 

Note: If you decide to use a smartphone for recording your video podcast, always use the primary or rear-facing camera so that you can get the highest quality in terms of video recording from the camera. 

  1. Webcam – Computer 

Based on my research I would say that it is likely to be the most affordable option for anyone who already has a personal computer with a built-in webcam feature. 

However, I would never recommend using the webcam of your computer because it won’t produce good-quality videos for your video podcast. The main reason behind this is the video recording quality of a computer webcam is not great at all. In fact, it is no good at all – totally my personal opinion. 

This is why I would suggest you to choose an external webcam if you really want to choose a webcam for recording your video podcasting show. 

  1. Webcam – External 

According to my research, I have found out that the external webcam has become very popular in recent times for live video streaming purposes and video podcasts as well. If you can choose a good-quality external webcam for your podcasts, you can hope to get better-quality videos for your video podcast show. 

In the following, I will mention some of the best quality external webcams that come with great overall features: 

  • Logitech C270
  • Logitech C922
  • Logitech C920

In addition to the mentioned ones, you can also look for the best-rated external webcams so that you can ultimately choose the right one for you. 

  1. Mirrorless, DSLR, and Point-and-Shoot Cameras 

The reason why I would recommend you to choose either a mirrorless or DSLR or Point-and-Shoot camera is that this type of video camera offers extraordinary video quality and resolution. 

So, depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose an option from the above-mentioned ones. However, you have to make sure that you should choose a model that is capable of recording the average duration of your video podcast episodes. 

On a serious note, some video cameras may overheat due to using them for recording longer-duration videos. So, you have to be very careful while choosing the ideal one that meets your video recording demands and requirements. 

In the following, I am going to mention some of the best-performing video cameras for recording video podcasts: 

  • Sony Alpha A6400 – Mirrorless Camera. 
  • Canon PowerShot G7 Mark III. 
  • Canon EOS 90D DSLR Camera. 
  • Panasonic Lumix GH5 4K Mirrorless Camera. 
  • Sony A7 III Mirrorless Camera. 

If you want to get in-depth information about the best-rated cameras for video podcasting, you can also study this comprehensive discussion on the reviews of the best video cameras for podcasting.

Note: If you want to live stream, then you will also need a good quality capture card. It is the type of device that grabs the external video signal and then converts it into the type of video signal that can be processed by your computer. 

  1. Camcorder 

The last option you have in this case is a good quality camcorder for recording your video podcasts. If you want to use a camcorder, you also need to check the video recording capability of the camcorder so your investment doesn’t go wrong. 

Here are some of the video camcorder options I have for you – 

  • Panasonic HC-V770 Camcorder. 
  • Sony FDRAX53/B Camcorder. 
  • Canon VIXIA HF G50 Camcorder. 
  • GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition Action Camcorder. 
  • Sony FDR-AX100/B 4K Camcorder. 

In addition to the above camcorder models, you can also check out this comprehensive discussion on the best-rated camcorders for live streaming so that you can ultimately get the perfect one for your live podcast show. 

Video Podcasting Setup: Microphone 

microphone for podcast

Well, you may be thinking since this topic is about video podcasting setup, then why I would worry about the microphone, right? 

Just ask yourself the question – “Would you ever listen or watch a video podcast with poor audio quality?” 

Well, I can guess – the answer to this question would be a straightforward ‘No’. 

Actually, for any video podcast show, the quality of the audio is equally important to the video quality. In fact, a recent study has revealed that audio quality has a significant relation with the engagement of the viewers and audiences. 

So, it is confirmed that the quality of your video podcast show needs to be up to the mark if you really want your viewers and audiences to enjoy your podcast episodes. 

In the following, I will try to discuss everything you need to know about preparing the audio setup for your video podcast show: 

Make Proper Investment in A Microphone 

When it comes to the topic of a microphone, most of you would prefer to use the built-in microphone of your personal computer or the microphone of your smartphone. 

However, this will never give you good-quality output for the audio of your podcast show. 

This is why I would like to recommend you to invest in a good quality external microphone

On a serious note, if there are multiple hosts in your podcast show, then you have to buy separate microphones for each of the guests. Never think of sharing one microphone with multiple hosts because it won’t bring a positive output for your podcast show. 

Which Microphone Type Would You Prefer? 

The thing that carries the most value, in this case, is the type of microphone you would select for your video podcasting setup. 

Well, in this case, you have 3 options available for you which are as follows – 

  • USB Microphones
  • XLR Microphones. Or, 
  • Two-in-one

USB Microphones 

With a USB microphone, you get the flexibility of easily connecting the microphone to your Mac or Windows computer. It is more like a plug-and-play type thing. 

For beginners who don’t have any earlier experience with recording the audio of a podcast show, it can be a great option. 

In the following, I am going to mention some of the best USB microphone options available for you – 

  • Blue Yeti
  • Samson Go
  • Blue Snowball
  • Rode Podcaster

Apart from the above options, you can also check out other good-quality USB microphones

 XLR Microphones 

The XLR microphone is another option you have when it comes to recording the audio of your video podcasts. However, the XLR microphones need an extra device called the Audio Interface in order to work the way it normally does. 

Here, I will mention some of the good-quality XLR microphones for you – 

  • Samson Q2U
  • Shure SM7B


Now, there is another option I have for you which is the Two-in-One variant. Well, if you are just starting out in the video podcasting industry, you can choose a microphone that features both the XLR and USB connection. 

In this case, the best options available for you are as follows – 

  • Audio Technica ATR2100

Pop Filter 

For the audio recording, the last list thing you need for your video podcast setup is a cheap pop filter. The core function of this tool is to remove all of those wind sounds and loud ‘P’ noises that may attack your audiences’ ears while listening to the podcast. 

Video Podcast Setup: Headphone 

headphone for podcast

For an easy and perfect video podcast setup for beginners, there is one last thing you need to manage which is a set of good quality headphones. Anyone who wants to record a video podcast should have a headphone set of his own. If there are multiple persons in your video podcast show, then you have to manage separate headphone sets for each of the hosts. 

Some good-quality headphone set examples are as follows: 

  • Sony MDR7506
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M30X
  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

You can also check out the reviews of the best-rated headphone sets for video podcasts to get the perfect one for your video podcast show. 

Multi Camera Video Podcast Setup 

For a multi-camera video podcast setup, you can’t just follow the equipment list I have described above. In this regard, you may need to change or add some equipment depending on your video podcast show type. 

In the following, I am going to mention only the most vital multi-camera video podcast setup equipment list: 

  • Good quality multiple video cameras. 
  • Sufficient lighting system. 
  • Multiple microphones. 
  • Audio Mixer. 
  • Headphone jack. 
  • Lightning port. 
  • USB-C port. 
  • Right podcast software. 

If you get a detailed idea about the Multi Camera Video Podcast Setup, you can check out this comprehensive blog post of mine. 

Two Person Video Podcast Setup 

tow person podcast setup

It is very common nowadays that every podcaster arranges a two person video podcast show. So, if you want to arrange such kind of video podcast show, you need to know the ideal equipment list for a Two Person Video Podcast Setup. 

In the following, I am going to mention all the necessary equipment you need for a Two Person Video Podcast Setup: 

  • Video podcast software. 
  • Digital recorders. 
  • Microphones. 
  • Headphones. 
  • Cameras. 
  • Headset Splitters. 
  • Surge Protectors. 

By the by, I have already written a blog post on the Two Person Video Podcast Setup in another blog post. So, if you want to get a piece of detailed information regarding this topic, you can check out that post by clicking here

Non-Live Video Podcast Setup 

In this section, I am going to share a list of all the basic equipment you need for a non-live video podcast setup. 

So, here we go…. 

  • Video camera. 
  • Memory card. 
  • Tripod. 
  • External Microphone. 
  • Audio Interface. 
  • Audio Mixer. 
  • Computer. 
  • Video Recording & Editing Software. 
  • Internet Connection. 

If you want to get in-depth information regarding the non-live video podcasting equipment, you can click here

Live Video Podcast Setup 

live video podcast setup

For the live video podcast setup or live streaming setup, you can follow the below list: 

  • Video camera. 
  • Capture card. 
  • Tripod. 
  • External Microphone. 
  • Audio Interface. 
  • Audio Mixer. 
  • Headphones. 
  • Video Encoder. 
  • Computer with good Graphics Software. 
  • Wi-Fi Device. 

I have also shared a comprehensive discussion on the Live Video Podcast Setup in another post. If you want to get in-depth knowledge regarding this topic, you can check out the post.

Other Essential Information on Video Podcasting Setup 

In this section, I am going to discuss some essential information regarding Video Podcasting Setup. If you really want to start a video podcast show, you should pay great attention to the following discussion. 

  • Additional Cameras 

For your video podcast setup, you may need additional video cameras if you have any intention to record dynamic shots from different angles. This will not only make your video podcasts more appealing, but also it will help you get more viewers for your podcast show. 

  • Memory Card 

Always make sure that your recording device has enough space so it can record a full podcast episode. If you think your device doesn’t have enough space, then you have to arrange a good quality memory card as well. 

  • Battery Life 

The battery life of the recording device meaning your video camera is another important factor you have to focus on. Before you start recording a podcast show, you have to recharge the battery of the camera in full so you don’t need to face any kind of interruption. 

  • Lighting 

It is always very much important to pay great attention to your video podcast lighting setup. If you fail to arrange a perfect lighting setup for your video podcast show, then your podcast video may not end up with a better output. 

So, it is always a better idea to have good knowledge regarding the video podcast lighting setup so that you can get the best quality video for your video podcast episode. 

In this regard, I have already written a detailed blog post on the video podcast lighting setup. If needed, you can check it out by clicking here

FAQs About Video Podcasting Setup 

What is needed for a video podcast? 

Answer: For a video podcast, you need a lot of equipment so you can record good-quality podcast videos. You can check out this detailed post on the video podcast equipment list to gather proper information regarding this topic. 

How do I make a video podcast set? 

Answer: Making a video podcast set is not at all an easy job. You need to manage varieties of equipment along with proper knowledge regarding this topic so that you can organize a perfect video podcast set. 

I would suggest you to check out this detailed post on how to make a video podcast set so you can get to know everything about this topic. 

How to set up a video podcast studio? 

Answer: To set up a video podcast studio, you need to learn a lot of things along with arranging the required gear and equipment. 

I would recommend you to study this post on setting up a video podcast studio to have complete knowledge regarding this matter. 

How many cameras do you need for a video podcast?

Answer: Well, you need at least one video camera for a video podcast. However, depending on the number of hosts in your video podcast studio, you may need to arrange additional cameras as well. 

Final Words 

So, this is all you need to know about the easy and perfect video podcast setup for beginners. 

Throughout the above discussion, I have tried to discuss everything you need to know about cheap video podcast setup. 

If you have studied the above discussion with full attention, you already got to know what you should do for a perfect video podcasting setup. 

Still, if you have any questions or confusion, you can knock me without any hesitation. 

I would love to extend my assistance to help you out. 

This is all I have for you this time.