How to Take Family Photos at Home: Tips, Ideas & How-To Guide

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You might be wondering how to take family photos at home? You are not alone. Many people have the same question, especially if they do not have a lot of experience with photography. 

In fact, many people are reluctant about taking photos because they feel like it requires expensive equipment or knowledge of photography techniques. 

But this does not have to be the case! 

In this post, I am going to share my step-by-step guideline on how to take your own family photos without any complicated gear or professional know-how.

If this sounds like you, then read on for some great tips and tricks that will provide you with all of the information needed to make your family portraits look professional! 

In addition, I will also try to give a brief overview of the following – 

  • Tips for taking family photos at home. 
  • Ideas for taking family pictures at home. 
  • How do I select my camera for family photos? 
  • best camera settings for family portraits. 
  • How to take professional family photos at home? 

So, without making any further due, let’s dive right in…. 

Why Is It Important To Take Family Photos? 

Before I start the discussion on how to take good family photos at home, I think it is essential to tell you the reasons why it is important to take family photos. 

So, here we go… 

Creating Memories 

family photography

The main reason why it is important to take family photos at home or anywhere else, for that matter, is to create memories. 

As a parent, you might have noticed how quickly time flies by and if you do not make an effort to capture those moments as they happen then you will find yourself missing out on your kids’ childhoods. 

In other words, the point of taking family photos isn’t necessarily about having something nice looking hanging on your walls because although this does look good; it’s more about preserving these beautiful moments in our lives so we can cherish them forever! 

Keeping Something Valuable For Future Generations 

family photos

As mentioned above, family photos are not just about looking nice on the walls because they can also be something valuable for future generations. 

Let’s say you have kids and they one day grow up to get married or maybe even become parents themselves; wouldn’t it be wonderful to give them your family photo albums so that they could look back at all of these memories? You can get a camera for your 10 years old child to keep their memories easily.

For me personally, this is something I would really love to do! 

Documentation For Growth 

As mentioned above, family photos can be a valuable part of our lives and by documenting your kids’ growth and other important events in their life; you will have something to share with them whenever they need it. 

In addition, if you’re planning on moving somewhere else or just simply want to teach them about history from the past then having these memories documented is going to come in very handy! 

Capturing Changes In Your Family 

Another reason why you would take family photos at home is that it helps you capture changes in your family. 

If you have children, then you will likely notice how they are growing up every single day! Get the best camera for your 8 years old kids. So that they won’t miss their memories.

As a matter of fact, it’s almost scary how quickly they change so why not take advantage of the way your camera works to slow downtime. Not only this but also having these photos in an album or even framed on your wall can help preserve their memories for all time! 

Starting A Tradition 

If you are looking for a way to connect your family members closer together then taking family photos at home is the perfect solution! 

By doing this, not only will it help strengthen relationships between all of your loved ones but it can also start a tradition that can be shared by future generations. 

And this could even be something cute like finding out what holiday you would celebrate next or visiting some fun landmark in your area!

Capturing Emotions & Expressions At Home 

family photograhy tips

At the end of the day, what matters most are people’s emotions and expressions because they are things that cannot be faked nor copied!  

So, if you want to receive genuine smiles from everyone in your family then make sure to find some creative ideas on how to take family photos at home. 

One thing you can do is pay attention to your background because not all of us can afford or even find the time to visit beautiful places for taking these pictures. However, finding something interesting in your own home shouldn’t be too hard if you just look around more! 

How To Take Family Photos At Home? – All Steps Explained 

In this section, I am going to share all the steps related to how to take family photos at home. 

If you really want to know how to take great family photos at home, you have to put your entire focus while studying the following step-by-step guideline. 

So, here we go… 

Step 1 

The first step is to get a good quality camera for family photography. And, you can easily manage the camera in two simple ways – 

Either you have to buy a camera on your own or you can rent one from local rental shops. 

However, I would recommend you to buy a new camera because it will save you all the variable costs that are associated with the camera rental service. 

Step 2 

The next step is to choose a place in your home for taking your family photos.  Because this is the most important step in how to take family photos at home. 

You can easily select your living room or dining room because these are indoor places that will offer you bright natural light for shooting photos. If you are out of enough light don’t worry, come over to the outstanding camera for the low light

It is always a better idea to choose a place that is tidy and well kept. 

Step 3 

The next step is about checking the lighting quality of the place you have chosen for capturing your family photos. 

Always keep in mind that lighting is one of the most essential factors when it comes to taking great family photos at home. If you aren’t enough good at low light shoot then you can read my article about how to shoot in low light condition.

On the contrary, if the place you have chosen doesn’t have sufficient light, then you may end up with nothing but disappointment. 

So, what can you do to fix this problem? 

Well, the only way out in such situations is to use artificial light. So what you need to do next is to check your home for available lamps. And then turn them on. 

After turning the lights on, stand near the camera and take a test shot so that you can easily see if it’s enough or not.  

Step 4

The next step is about checking your camera settings for family photos at home because these capture so many memories! 

While taking family photography pics, you must try different modes like landscape mode, portrait mode, etc. because certain cameras let you manually adjust your focus points while others give an auto-focus point selection option. 

I will try to share a brief description of the best camera settings for family portraits later in this article. 

Step 5 

When the above things are done following the right way, the next thing you have to do is to choose the style – whether you want to take photos standing or sitting down on a couch or sofa… 

Step 6 

When the correct posture & position are fixed, finally there’s one thing that’s needed to be done by everyone in your family. 

Yes, you have guessed that right! 

Everyone should have a smile on their faces because a family photo without smiles will be nothing but a dull one. 

How Do I Select My Camera For Family Photos?  

In my experience, it shouldn’t be too difficult to pick out a great camera for taking family photos at home that are both high quality and affordable. 

However, there are some crucial factors that you need to keep in mind when you want to purchase the perfect camera for taking family photos. 

For your convenience, I am going to discuss those vital factors in the following – 

Camera Type – Point & Shoot vs DSLR

If you’re looking for something simple and easy-to-use then you consider investing in a Point & Shoot. However, if you’re not very good at making adjustments on your own then I would suggest going with a DSLR camera because it will allow you to do things that a regular point and shoot simply cannot do! 


You can find cameras with decent quality for just a few hundred dollars; however, those without experience may be better off investing in either an entry-level or mid-level priced model as they will typically work best for beginners. And if you really like what you see from these models then you can upgrade later! 

Image Quality 

There is no use buying something more expensive unless it’s going to help improve your images. This means that if your budget is limited then look into finding something that fits right into the middle of all of this! 

In addition, for those who plan on printing photos, going with a camera that has at least 10 megapixels will make a huge difference in how clear your pictures look. 

Convenience of Use 

As I mentioned above, if you’re not very tech-savvy when it comes to cameras then go with something that is super easy to use because this will make a huge difference when it comes to how well your photos turn out. But make sure to buy one that has all the features you’ll need even if they are advanced!

Finally, pay attention to what other people say about certain brands or models because their experiences can help save you time and money in the long run! 

Battery Life 

Last but not least, make sure to keep an eye on your camera’s battery life because if it doesn’t last long then you are going to wish that it did! 

So, when you’re looking for a good quality camera for capturing family photos at home make sure to consider these things in addition to the features of your camera. This way, you can pick something of great quality at an affordable price!

If you want to get a precise idea of this subject matter, you can study this detailed Buying Guide

Best Camera Settings For Family Portraits 

In this section, I will let you know about the best camera settings for family portraits.

As a photographer, I always keep experimenting with my camera settings from time to time because this is the only way to make my images better & better with every click! 

In this case of how to take family photos at home, what you need to do is set your ISO between 100-200 and put your camera on 100 ISO speed. 

In addition, you also have to increase the shutter speed just a bit high so that it can capture all those beautiful family memories without making them blurry. 

And if possible then use Auto White Balance (AWB) mode as well because this is a great way of getting natural-looking colors in your pictures.

When the ISO, shutter speed, and AWB modes are set correctly then there is no need to change any of them. 

However, I will also let you know about two more things that you might be interested in – adjusting your Aperture and Focus Modes.  

So, for this purpose, you just have to turn your camera on Manual Mode. 

Then use these settings:  

Aperture mode – Set it between f/5.0 – f/7.1; 

Focus mode – choose the Continuous Tracking (AI Servo) Focus Mode with a tracking sensitivity level of 0-20.

In addition, if possible then go manual as well using these settings: Exposure Compensation between +0 & +2 EV and Set your white balance on Cloudy.

You can also try out these amazing camera settings if they work for you. 

I have seen them working brilliantly for various photographers and am confident that they will work for you too! 😉

Well, these were some of the most important & useful photography tips & tricks that every photographer must follow while taking family photos at home. 

In addition, I have tried to make things easier for all those people who are looking forward to learning something new about how to take family pictures at home. 

This is because capturing a stunning family photo is not a big deal in today’s world where we have so many options available when it comes to selecting a perfect place inside our homes that will help us in great shots without even going outside. 

FAQs About How To Take Your Own Family Photos 

How Can I Take Professional Pictures At Home Myself? 

Answer: Yes, you can take professional photos at home yourself because nowadays everything is possible with the help of technology. 

Furthermore, for this purpose, many new cameras are being manufactured in the market so that everyone can have access to them easily.  

You just have to select the right camera according to your budget and preference. 

What Is The Best Camera For Taking Family Pictures?

Answer: You should go for a camera that comes under your budget and offers good features. 

However, I will suggest you not to forget about these things while selecting the best camera for taking family pictures: 

  • Zoom Lens Capability – Most important point! 
  • Compatible Format – Whether it’s APS-C or full-frame format 
  • Video Recording – You should buy a camera that allows you to record videos at home

Optical Image Stabilization – This is a great feature for a photographer because it helps in capturing the right moments while taking family pictures without making them blurry. 

It will be a wise decision if you check out the reviews of the best-rated cameras for family photography before you buy a random one. 

How do you take large family photos? 

Answer: There are several different ways of taking large family photos.

For this purpose, you can shoot using a wide-angle lens or even select your camera with the help of a single face detection feature that will automatically put multiple faces into focus. 

And then to make sure that none of the faces ever come out blurred you have to use these photography tips & tricks:

  • Make all children sit behind their parents. 
  • Make all children sit behind their parents. 
  • Keep your cameras steady so that they don’t shake while clicking. 
  • Use burst mode to capture the best shots at home without missing any important moment. 

Final Thoughts 

Taking family photos at home is not that tough if you have the right tools and follow the right way! 

In the above discussion, I have shared a step-by-step guideline on how to take family photos at home

Besides, I have also tried to explain why is it important to take family photos. 

I am pretty much sure that now have a clear idea about how to professional family photos at home. 

Still, if you want to get more such tips, ideas, and tricks related to family photography then there is a need to follow this blog thoroughly.

Besides, if you have any other queries related to professional photography tips & techniques then I would love to hear from you in the above comments section! 

Best wishes in achieving your dream of becoming an awesome photographer! 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this article as much as I did while writing this post. 

And hey, if you love this post then please do share it with your friends and family members on Facebook and Twitter because that will help me a lot in growing my blog. 😊

See you again! 😉

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