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How To Make A Video Podcast – All The Steps Explained

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The video podcast is known to be one of the fastest-growing sectors in recent years. Although this industry has emerged a bit late, it has been much popular in all parts of the world. You can start video podcasting for your business or for self-promotion; there is pure math behind creating lucrative video podcasts. 

And this is why you need to have a piece of in-depth knowledge about how to make a video podcast. 

Making a video podcast can seem to be easy if you don’t have any idea about engaging video podcasts. In reality, it can be quite challenging for newbies or beginners in this field. 

Today, in this post, I am going to share a step-by-step guideline regarding how to make a video podcast. Throughout this post, I will try to talk about each and everything you need to know about how to create a video podcast for free. 

To make this discussion the utmost beneficial for you, I am going to divide the entire thing into a few sections and sub-sections. Actually, my aim is to help all those newbies who are looking for a clear and in-depth guideline on how to start a video podcast. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right into this detailed discussion…. 

What Is A Video Podcast? 

A video podcast, also known as vodcast, is a podcast that contains a series of both audio and visual content that is specifically designed following a particular theme. 

In other words, a video podcast is like a subscription to a periodic or recurring event that is based on a certain number of episodes. 

Benefits of Video Podcasts or Why Should Start A Video Podcast 

You may already have a podcast channel (audio podcast) where you have a large number of subscribers. In that case, you may be thinking about why you need to start a video podcast. 

Well, this is why I have specifically designed this section where I am going to describe the major benefits of video podcasts. 

After reading the below discussion, you will come to know that why you should start a video podcast. 

So, here we go…. 

  • People Love Faces 

Humans are pure visual creatures, and 30 percent of the human brain is completely devoted to the eyes. It is also the nature of human beings to love faces. 

According to some expert psychologists – 

“Facial features do provide us with more data & information than any kind of spoken language.” 

This clearly indicates that video podcasts do give more information than traditional audio podcasts. At the same time, it helps the podcaster to make in-depth interactions with the audiences through video podcasts where people can see the faces of real human beings. 

  • Video Creates More Opportunities 

Like podcasts, plenty of people can be found who mainly prefer video content. Besides, it is no surprise that YouTube is currently known as the 2nd largest social media platform. 

If you add a video element to podcasts, you get the opportunity to interact with a large number of potential viewers from different popular video sharing platforms like YouTube. 

In this case, I must let you inform of the fact that around 79 percent of the internet users do have a YouTube account at present. It is also essential for you to know that YouTube has over 2 billion active users from all parts of the world. With video podcasts, it becomes easier for you to engage with this huge number of viewers. 

  • Video Captures More Attention 

While listening to the audio, it is quite common to lose attention. This will certainly make things difficult to understand or keep track of what’s actually going on with the podcast. 

But if you can make your content visually appealing and interesting, it will help your audiences to give more attention to your content. 

We all will agree with the fact that watching a video is more interesting than listening to audio without any visual content. 

Moreover, videos allow us to express what we actually want to share with our audiences or viewers. According to studies, we have come to know that face-to-face communication gives the scope of using body posture, facial expressions, and gestures as well. 

As a result, viewers get more interested in watching video podcasts in order to get more information. 

  • Face Builds Trust 

It is known to almost everyone that face helps to build trust more easily. When you add your face to your audio content, it becomes easier for you to get familiar with your audiences or viewers. And, remember that the more your audience get to know you, the more they will trust you. 

Keep in mind that gaining trust is not always easy. To be honest, it requires consistency, integrity, and commitment to delivering great visual content. 

Therefore, engaging with your viewers with the help of visual elements will assist you to build trust more easily. 

  • Video Is King 

Have you ever noticed that videos are, by default, set to autoplay without any sound? It is mainly because social media platforms are specifically optimized for video, not for audio. By default, the audio is set to mute. 

So, you can easily understand that video is like King on the social media platforms. When you add visual elements to your podcasts, it becomes more engaging for your audiences when they find it on the news feeds of their social media accounts. 

Moreover, internet users love to share video content more than any other kind of content. So, when you produce video content, there is a higher chance that people will share your vodcasts with their social media friends. And, this gives you the chance of getting more audiences for your vodcasts. 

Video Podcast Benefits vs Excess Production Cost 

Now that you know about the benefits of video podcasts, it is also essential for you to know about the video podcast benefits vs excess production cost. 

If you don’t have any idea about vodcasts, you may think that it is a no-brainer at all. To be honest, making a video podcast is not as simple as you may think. 

The fact is that it will require more time and expense to produce a podcast than the traditional podcast. 

So, it is vital for you to compare the vodcasts’ benefits with the extra time and production cost. 

The production cost mainly increases because of the equipment you need for making a video podcast. I will make a more detailed discussion on the video podcast equipment later in this discussion. 

Apart from that, you will have to think of the extra time you need to invest in making a video podcast. Actually, it is the main point of concern for you. 

Starting from making the perfect studio set-up to the additional hours you have to work for creating a video podcast is something you must have to be concerned about. Actually, handling large video files on your computer will require additional time, which you must have to invest in creating a video podcast. 

If you want to save time and compromise with the quality of your content, it won’t help grow your podcast channel. Instead, you have to always focus on producing quality content. 

Always remember that – 

“If you are not ready to cope up with managing the additional time needed for preparing, recording, or even editing your video content, then the bitter truth is video podcast is not meant for you.” 

If you really want to create video podcasts, you have to make proper utilization of your time and money. Only this way you will be the perfect fit for working with video podcasts. 

Formats or Styles of Video Podcasts 

At this moment in time, there are wide varieties of video podcast formats available. So, you have to decide which type of video podcast you are going to work with. 

For your convenience, I am going to describe the most popular video podcast formats in the following – 


The most popular format for video podcasts these days is the interview. In this type of podcast, you have to play the role of the host, and there will be guests in your shows whom you will interview. 

You will ask varieties of questions to the guest regarding a certain topic or niche. And the guest will answer your questions and share his opinions and views about the niche. 


  • It gives a chance of promoting your brand as you get the option of getting engaged with the audience of your guest. 
  • It allows you to get access to more options for selecting topics or niches. 
  • You get to divide the screen presence, so the audiences get to be more engaged in your vodcasts. 
  • More interactive visual content, which makes the audiences more attentive and focused. 
  • The audience gets to know the views and opinions of both the host and the guest. 
  • Creating a question pole allows the audience to be more interested in your vodcast episodes. 


  • Doing the interview requires a whole lot of skills. 
  • This may negatively affect your brand if the interviewee is not sufficiently comfortable with being interviewed. 
  • This type of podcast is heavily dependent on the quality of the guest you will choose. Generally, it is very tough to book quality guests as they remain very busy with their works. 
  • It is a bit expensive to host another person as a guest on your set. 
  • You have to reschedule the podcast because of the availability of your guest. 


Another popular video podcast format is known as ‘Conversational’. Like the interview-type video podcast, a conversational vodcast is about 2 or more people cooperatively discussing and sharing their opinions and views about a particular topic. 

However, in a conversational video podcast, there is no guest. Instead, all the people in this podcast are hosts. 

Typically, in a video podcast, each of the hosts plays a definite role in the episode and add their sections to the video podcasts. 

In a conversational video podcast, there can be also an active host, and 2 or 3 more people can be the guests. In this type, the active host will raise certain situations of a specific type. And, the guests will share their opinions and views regarding the situation or topic. 


  • The entire conversation is shared between multiple people which actually takes off the pressure and load. 
  • It creates the opportunity to come up with different opinions on a certain topic. 
  • The audience gets access to know more information about a certain topic from a single episode of the video podcast. 
  • Multiple people participate means each of the guests will try their best to share the best possible insights of the topic, which is much beneficial for the audience. 
  • The active host gets to engage with the audiences form different guests, which is much easier for brand promotion. 
  • The audience tends to trust their host more comfortably and easily. 


  • If there are some kind of disagreements among the guests, it can lead to a serious level of argument which can negatively affect the popularity of the show. 
  • All the guests have to be prepared enough about the topic of the vodcast episode. 


The name already tells it is a type of video podcast that is specifically focused on a particular subject. And, a single host usually runs this type of vodcast. 


  • It gives you the chance of sharing your technical expertise about a particular subject. 
  • The audiences get to know detailed info about their topic of interest. 
  • You get more chance of gaining the trust of your audience. 
  • It allows you to make a series of episodes as only a single episode is not enough to cover the entire topic. 


  • The host will require some additional equipment like a digital pad, or whiteboard for making the episodes of the vodcast more engaging for the audience. 
  • If you don’t have good teaching skills, you will find it way too difficult to continue the episodes. 

Solo Casts 

The is probably the most common format of video podcasts. In this type of vodcast, typically a man or woman runs the entire show. 

This is basically the way many new podcasters start their podcasting journey these days. You just get to choose a subject matter and then you can start the show. 


  • If you are an expert at a particular topic, you can easily share the insights of the topic with your audience. 
  • Your expertise on the topic determines how you will keep your audience entertained for a longer period. 
  • Your audiences get the opportunity to learn from an expert. 
  • It gives you the chance of getting more familiarized with your audience. 
  • It also gives you a better way of building trust with your audience. 


  • The entire show depends on your solo performance. 
  • For a newbie, it is quite challenging to keep going with the flow. 
  • Your entire show can be negatively affected if you fail to hold the attention of your audience. 


It can be best described as the theater version of vodcast format. You can also call it a virtual theater. It can be a solo or medium act production, or you can also hire several actors for your show. 


  • It is one of the most flexible vodcast formats. 
  • You get complete freedom of showing your creativity. 
  • You can come up with your own story and do the solo act. 
  • Easier to get more audience for those who have great acting skills. 


  • You will require additional equipment for the entire setup. 
  • You need to be very passionate about writing the script. 
  • It is very challenging because your audience may not like your script or idea. 
  • It is very expensive in every single aspect. 

Slide / PowerPoints 

This is regarded as the most cost-friendly video podcast format. You can make stunning PowerPoint slides using the PowerPoint application. And then add your audio to the slides. 


  • It doesn’t cost anything but slide maker software. 
  • A pleasant format for the slide making experts. 
  • It doesn’t require any camera setup lighting. 


  • Not much engaging. 
  • It doesn’t create any scope to get familiar with your audience. 

How To Make A Good Video Podcast – Equipment You Need 

In order to make a good video podcast, you need to manage the right kind of equipment. To be honest, video podcasting equipment is not much difficult to get as it is readily available in the market

In the following, I will share a list of podcasting equipment you will need for the video podcast project. To make things easier for you, I will try to recommend the best equipment setup required for both live and non-live video podcasts

Equipment for Non-live Video Podcasts 

Equipment for Live Video Podcasts 

  • Camera
  • Capture Card. 
  • Tripod
  • External Microphone. 
  • Audio Interface. 
  • Audio Mixer. 
  • Headphones. 
  • Video Encoder. 
  • Computer. 
  • Graphics Application. 
  • Internet Connection. 

For both the cases of live and non-live video podcasts, you have to manage one of the best cameras for podcasting. Always keep in mind that you’re the quality of your video podcasts largely depends on the quality and features of your camera. 

How To Make A Video Podcast – Step By Step Guideline 

Now I will assume that you have all the equipment required for creating a video podcast. But the question is how will you create a video podcast. 

Well, it is important for all podcasters, especially the newbies to have a clear idea about how to make a video podcast. In this case, I should warn you that the starting can be a bit daunting for the newcomers. However, with some experimentation and patience, you will be able to make professional-quality video podcasts in no time at all. 

In the following, I will share a step-by-step guideline on how to create a video podcast for free – 

Step 1 – Studio Setup 

When the topic is about how to make a video podcast, the first step, to begin with, is setting up your studio. In this case, the most important thing for you to focus on is lighting. 

You can choose either artificial lights or natural daylight. For both cases, your focus should on the positioning. 

I would recommend you to place your light or lights at different positions so that you can finally choose the right one for your video podcasting projects. 

When the lighting position is done, you have to think of a perfect backdrop for the video podcasts. From my point of view, the backdrop should not be too busy or distracting. At the same time, a completely black wall would be too boring. 

Therefore, you can go with a simple wall painting or houseplants; even a bookshelf would a good-to-go option. 

Now, it’s time to talk about the most difficult part which is the camera setup. Here, the most important thing to concentrate on is the angle of the camera shots you will be taking for your video podcasts. 

You have to set up a good quality podcasting camera for you, another for the guest and, if possible, try to set up another for capturing the entire scene. 

However, if you have a lower budget, you can set up one camera in a way so that both you and your guest can be covered up in the camera frame. 

To be honest, setting up your camera will take some time, experiment, and practice sessions. Eventually, you will get everything appropriately set up. 

Step 2 – Recording the Video Podcast 

This second step is specifically designed in a way so that you can get clear instructions on how to record a video podcast

Remember that depending on the vodcast format or style you prefer, you have to start recording your podcasting video. Apart from your chosen format, there are lots of options for you to do some creative adjustments. 

For example, if you are doing an interview video podcast, the guest doesn’t need to be present in your studio. If the guests are remotely present and join you in the video podcast, it would be fine. 

Step 3 – Editing the Video Podcast 

While editing your video podcast file, you have to focus on the following points – 

  • Audio Sync. 
  • Audio Mixing, Editing & Mastering. 
  • Color Grading. 
  • Transition Effects. 
  • Editing Software. 

Step 4 – Uploading the Video Podcast 

When you are done with giving the finishing touch to your edited file, it is time to upload your video podcast file. Before you upload, it is important to make a custom thumbnail where you must mention the subject line of the video podcast along with the images of the host and guest of the episode. 

I would recommend you upload the video to one popular video podcast platform. And, then share the link to all the social media platforms to engage with as many audiences as possible. 

Other things after uploading and sharing your video podcasts are as follows: 

  • Optimizing the video podcast with targeted keywords for ensuring SEO. 
  • Promotion on Social Media Platforms. 
  • Using appropriate tags and mention them. 
  • Making snippets for YouTube. 
  • Continuing the show. 

Well, these are the mandatory steps you need to follow for making your video podcast. You can’t skip a single step for making quality content for your audience or subscribers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can a video be a podcast? 

Answer: Of course, a video can be a podcast. In that case, it is called a video podcast or vodcast. 

2 How to make a video podcast on mac? 

Answer: It is very easy to make a video podcast on mac. In this case, you have to use software like QuickTime Player or iMovie, or Final Cut Pro and start recording the video. 

3 How to make a video podcast on a pc? 

Answer: To make a video podcast on a pc, you can use the QuickTime Player. This software is beginner-friendly, so newbies without prior experience won’t face any complications while working with the software. 

4 Do podcasts make money? 

Answer: Yes, you can make money doing podcasts. Actually, famous companies pay the popular podcasters so that their brands can get promoted during the show of the podcaster. 

This is the most popular way how podcasters make money these days. 

5 What equipment do I need for a video podcast? 

Answer: In the above discussion, I have already made a list of the equipment you need for a video podcast. I would suggest you double-check all of your video podcast equipment before you start setting up the studio or recording the podcast. If you are a beginner and don’t have an idea about recording a podcast you may check this article on “How to record a podcast“. This may help you more.

Final Words 

So, this is all you need to know about how to make a video podcast. 

Actually, the popularity of video podcasts has been increasing a lot in recent days. So, it is a very profitable platform that is still not so demanding. 

If you try hard and make a good position on any of the popular podcasting platforms, it can make a bright career for you. For this, you definitely need to focus on the quality of your video podcasts so that you can attract more audiences and get more subscribers. 

This is why you need to have a piece of complete knowledge on how to create a video podcast. 

I hope that after studying the above step-by-step guideline, you have got to know everything regarding making a video podcast. 

Still, if you think that I have missed out on anything or if you have any questions, you can send me a message. 

I will surely extend my assistance for your help. 

This is all for today! 

Take Care!