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How To Film Your Own Hunts – [Everything You Need To Know]

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In recent years, more people have become so very interested in filming their own hunts. If you haven’t yet started filming your hunts, it is high time you begin following the right method. One of the most common reasons why you don’t feel the need to record your hunting missions is because maybe you don’t know how to film your own hunts. 

Based on my hunting experiences and research around it, I have found out that self filming hunts require a lot of practice. In fact, I would say that identifying the right method and following it accordingly is the biggest challenge in this case. 

So, I have planned to come up with a detailed discussion about filming your own hunts so that you get a complete idea about this particular subject matter. 

In this post, I will talk about everything you need to know about how to record your own hunts. To make this discussion the utmost helpful one for you, I have planned to share a step-by-step guideline regarding filming hunting videos. I think it will help you get a thorough idea about what you need to do in order to make your hunting videos the best ones. 

At the same time, I will share some amazing tips that will surely take your hunting filming experiences to a completely new level. 

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into the discussion…. 

Why Should You Film Your Own Hunts? 

why should you film your own hunts

To start off, I think it would be better if I explain the reasons why you should film your own hunts. Actually, there are some core benefits that you can get only when you record your own hunts in the most efficient manner. 

In the following, I will discuss only the major benefits of self filming your hunts – 

Recalling The Memory 

why should you film your own hunts

Whether it’s your first hunt or your child’s first successful one, you will always find something special in it. Filming those hunting events gives you the opportunity to recall those memories of your first successful hunting experiences

At the same time, storing your hunting videos lets you enjoy pleasurable times with your family and friends where you can share your adventures. 

Actually, it is not possible to remember all of your hunting activities that took place over the years during your hunting life. But, a simple poke in your brain will help you recall those memories. And this allows you to share your adventurous hunting journeys with your loved ones. 

And, this can only be possible when you film your own hunting missions. 

Understanding The Target 

One of the biggest benefits of self filming your hunting videos is to understand your target in a better way. Actually, recording your hunting videos lets you analyze the movements of your targets more carefully. 

At the same time, you can also give a close look at your actions so that you can find out the lacking and improve gradually. 

Correcting Shot Placement 

why should you film your own hunts

In the case of bowhunting, all that matters is the perfect shot placement. If you even miss out a little of your target, it will bring you a total day of disappointment. 

So, filming your bow hunting videos will help you correct your shot placements. And, it will help you become a pro-level hunter within a quick time.

Well, these are only the core reasons why you should film your own hunts. Apart from these, there are also numerous other reasons for recording your hunting videos.

How To Film Your Own Hunts – Step By Step Guideline 

In this section, I am going to share a step-by-step guideline on how to film your own hunts. I believe that the following piece of the guideline will help you get an in-depth idea for filming both deer hunts and bow hunts. 

Your job is to put your full concentration on while studying all the steps explained below. 

Let’s get it started then… 

Step 1 – Keeping It Steady 

When the topic is about how to film your own bow hunt, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that you need to keep it steady. 

Always remember that if you can keep it steady, it will do all work for you. 

No matter you are hunting from a tree saddle, a tree stand, or ground blind, you definitely need one of those good quality stabilization devices when you want to record your hunting videos in an efficient manner. For the best stabilization, you can pick a cell camera from here.

Based on my experience, I would say that a camera arm would be the ideal equipment for situations like hunting from a tree stand or the ground blind. 

However, I have found a good quality tripod as the perfect equipment for stabilization while hunting from a ground blind. 

On the other hand, if you prefer to use action cameras like the GoPro, trust me, you will certainly have a new form of stabilizing device. I will try to give you a detailed idea regarding this type of camera in the next step of this discussion about how to film your own deer hunts. 

The main point to focus on here is that you definitely need a piece of specific equipment in order to hold your camera, no matter the type of camera you choose for your hunting missions. 

Based on my research, I can strongly tell you that the camera arm is known to be the most popular and efficient equipment you need for your hunting, especially for deer and bow hunters. This is because you will surely hunt from a tree stand when it comes to deer hunting. 

In this case, I must inform you of the fact that the heavier your camera arm is, you will find it more stable while using it for recording your hunting videos. And a stable video is and will always be responsible for presenting you with a better video. 

To be very frank, this is the main reason why I prefer using a bulky & big camera arm whenever I go on a hunting tour

As of now, I have used varieties of camera arms, starting from DIY models to some of the most high-end units from various renowned brands. Besides, I have also shared in-depth reviews of the best-performing camera arms for self-filming hunts.

You can check out those reviews so that you get the perfect camera arm for filming your hunting videos. 

At the same time, if you prefer to use a tripod, you will have to consider more or less the same type of factors. Remember that a heavier tripod will give you a more stable video, whereas a lightweight will not be much supportive. 

In the case of mine, I always prefer a tripod that easily fits into my backpack. Then again, you can study the reviews of the best-rated tripod for self-filming hunts so that you can ultimately get the perfect one for your hunting missions. 

Step 2 – Choosing The Camera 

how to film your own hunts

In the second step regarding how to film your own hunts, I will try to guide you in choosing the perfect camera for filming your hunting videos. 

Always remember that failing to pick the right video camera will bring you nothing but a disappointing hunting mission. And I know very well that you definitely don’t want to face such a horrible hunting experience. 

As of now, I have tried out varieties of video cameras for filming my hunting videos. Among them, I have found the Canon XA10 and XA20 to be my most favorite options to go for. 

To help you the most, I have shared a detailed discussion on the reviews of the best-rated video cameras for filming hunting videos. I would suggest you to check those reviews in order to get the perfect video camera for recording your hunting videos. 

At the same time, I have also seen some of my hunting partners prefer the GoPros. Actually, these action cams have completely changed the game of self-filming hunts. 

You can easily mount one GoPro on your hat and another over your shoulder. And, yes, you are good to go for filming your hunts. 

However, in this case, you won’t get the opportunity to zoom in on your target. Also, there will be no option of getting the full-frame view which is truly desirable for any hunting mission. 

If you like to enjoy a simple hunting filming experience, you can surely choose the Go-Pro-type cameras. 

Step 3 – Keeping The Focus 

self filming hunting setup

If you prefer to use a GoPro camera, you can completely skip this particular step. Actually, the Go-Pro cameras usually come with the AutoFocus option. So, there will be minimal control you will get over adjusting the focal point. 

On the contrary, if you plan to use a high-end video camera that features ‘Manual Focus’, you certainly need to give a higher level of attention to adjusting the focus following the right way. 

Here, I will share a simple guide that you can follow so that you don’t need to get worried. 

In this case, I am assuming that you are hunting from more like a ‘Fixed Position’ like a ground setup or a tree stand. First of all, zoom in on the spot or area where you are expecting your target. Now, choose a tree, a leaf, or anything else that is not moving (meaning to standstill without any movement). 

Double-check that your camera is fully zoomed in on your targeted spot or area. And then set your focus. After that, if you pull back and then slowly widen the view, you will see that everything from your targeted spot towards your position will be in the right focus. 

And, this is the simplest procedure that you can apply in order to focus on your target. When you see your target is coming, all you need to do is to leave your camera keeping the above-mentioned settings and hit the record button. 

Step 4 – Moving The Camera 

self filming hunting setup

While filming your own hunts, one of the hardest parts you will face is the proper management of your camera, especially when your target is near. 

Well, you can certainly follow the above steps and film your hunting videos. But I can bet – you will surely not like those videos once you gain much experience over time. 

Always keep in mind that you can only create the best hunting video when you track your target appropriately with a full-frame view and keep every other thing smooth enough while focusing on the target the right way. 

And this comprises of getting ready with your bow as fast as you can while adjusting your feet towards the right direction or position. At the same time, getting the camera into the appropriate position and then capture some footage. 

Trust me, if you can maintain the perfect combination, you will end up having some exception footages of your hunting mission. 

Step 5 – Recording Everything 

self filming hunting

It is no denial to the fact that you won’t end up getting videos of killing big buck while filming your hunts all the time. If you expect that you will have multiple kill shots in your videos, you are totally wrong my friend. 

Now you maybe are thinking that why do all this stuff if I don’t get any kill shots!!! 

Listen, my friend, there is still plenty of opportunities left for producing entertaining and interesting videos. 

In this case, I would suggest you to act like a Story-Teller. 

Now, you will ask – “How can I be a Story-Teller?” 

OKAY, there’s nothing like rocket science in becoming a story-teller. 

Just record everything that happens during your hunting mission. Start filming right from the beginning where you should explain the reasons why you are choosing your position for setting up the camera. Try to talk about all the things or factors that a hunter needs to keep in mind before choosing the spot. 

Try to record each of your activities regarding your preparation. Also, try to film the entire wildlife in front of you. Make sure you keep talking and showing your face in between filming shots. 

You go on a hunting mission because you do enjoy it, right? 

Well, try to tell others how and why hunting has become your favorite pastime. 

Step 6 – Try To Be Creative 

self filming hunting

To be very honest, I wasn’t able to produce high-quality video content of hunting missions when I started out around 10 years from now. 

Frankly speaking, I tried to learn by studying the work of the experts – their focus, strategies, styles, and creativities. 

I won’t say that I was able to produce quality hunting videos within a short time. But I can tell you that my dedication and practice made me who I am today. 

So, I would suggest you to practice more and more while studying others’ works so that you can also produce good quality hunting videos of your own hunts. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1 Is a GoPro good for hunting? 

Answer: The GoPro cameras have mainly drawn the attention of camera lovers because of their durability and quality. For any kind of outdoor adventure, GoPro cameras can be your ultimate choice for their waterproof exterior and rugged design. 

So, yes, a GoPro is a good option for filming your hunting videos. 

2 What should I focus on while buying a video camera for self-filming hunts? 

Answer: Well, when you plan to buy a video camera for self-filming hunts, you need to focus on several crucial factors. 

For your convenience, I have designed a Buying Guide for the best-performing cameras for self-filming hunts. You can study the buying guide assiduously so that you can ultimately end up having the perfect camera for filming your hunting videos. 

Final Words 

So, we have almost reached the ending part of this discussion which is ideally focused on how to film your own hunts. 

In the above discussion, I have tried to share a step-by-step guideline regarding what you need to do for self-filming hunts. 

I am pretty much sure that you have got an in-depth idea about how to film your own deer hunts after studying this comprehensive discussion. 

Still, if you have any questions or confusion, do not hesitate to knock me at your convenience. 

I will be glad to offer my assistance to help you out. 

Take Care! 

Happy Hunting!