best waterproof camera under $100

Best Waterproof Camera Under $100(It’s Time to Go Under Water!)

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Are you a hardcore adventure lover that doesn’t only like to explore but also wants to capture the moments he lived? Then there is no need to explain to you the importance of a good quality waterproof camera. But let’s be real for a moment; waterproof cameras with good pixel quality are pretty expensive. And that’s not something most of us can afford enough times. But the good news is, there are cheaper cameras with satisfying picture quality as well. To help you find out the perfect one, let’s go over the best waterproof camera under $100 that you can get from the market. 

Best Waterproof Camera Under $100 (Top 10 Products)

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when you go out to pick a cheap camera that’s under 100 bucks as there are numerous options available in the market. It’s just super difficult to pick a cheaper cam that’s of decent quality from all that clutter. To help you in this, we’ll review 10 of the best waterproof digital cameras under 100 down below.

GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition 4K Adventure Camera

There is hardly any camera love who doesn’t know about the amazing GoPro cameras as it’s any hardcore adventurers’ #1 gear for recording videos on the go. The Hero3+ model is a peak one as it’s packed with amazing features, and for its price range, there’s no better deal for you.

With the 4k picture quality and supports 60 fps in 1080p, it’s quite impressive under 100 bucks. That allows you to capture your magical moments where you can feel life. Great battery life provided in this camera lets you shoot for a long time without sweating for charging it over and over.

Edit your videos on the go with the amazing built-in video trimming feature. And the built-in wifi and Bluetooth makes your life so much easier as it connects with the GoPro App and Smart Remote instantaneously. A user-friendly interface is another big advantage of the Hero3+ model, which is pretty appealing as well.

It might not have the top-notch quality like a higher-end DSLR, but hey, what you’re getting is the Best Waterproof Camera Under $100 without any doubt.


  • 4K picture quality
  • Great battery life
  • Built-in video trimming


  • The sound quality needs improvement

COOAU Native 4K 60fps 20MP wifi Action Sports Camera

Next up, we have a stunning sports camera that captures the sharpest details for under 100 dollars. The Cooau Native action sports camera is undoubtedly a worthy shot for your money, and you’ll get back the value by 100%.

Record 4k videos at an impressive 60 frames per second rate. The 20 megapixels give the most contrast and radiance that you can ask for in the picture quality. Smart EIS allows you to capture the best videos without having to worry about the annoying “Shakes” that can ruin the shot. What’s more impressive, unlike the previous models, this model lets you use the Smart EIS even at 4k on 60 FPS, and that’s something you can’t find in any camera at its price range.

Go below 40 meters underwater with the camera and record stunning videos with the Snorkeling Mode on. That feature helps to enhance the color underwater, and you truly get to capture what you see. Overall, you can’t go wrong purchasing this power-packed action camera as it’s the Best Waterproof Camera Under $100.


  • Incredible picture quality with FPS
  • Great image stabilization
  • Superb battery life


  • Advanced user interface

AKASO Brave 4 Waterproof Camera

In this list of the best waterproof camera under 100, we’ll take a look at a superb action camera by AKASO. The AKASO Brave 4 model is undoubtedly a great one that comes with power-packed features that provide the best user experience that you can ask for in a waterproof camera.

Featuring real 4K resolution, the AKASO Brave 4 lets you capture real-time moments with 1080P/60FPS video resolution with stunning image quality. Shoot amazing shots even without a tripod, thanks to the Anti-shaking feature.

Unlike other waterproof cameras available out there, this AKASO Brave 4 features a 2-inch touch screen with wonderful touch sensitivity. That just adds so much smoothness and convenience to your photography and filming video experience.

With 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries attached, you get more runtime with this camera. That’s highly beneficial if you are in an area where there’s no access to electricity. The 30M water resistance adds an over the top convenience to the whole thing. And overall, you get more than what you pay for in this fantastic camera.


  • Up to 30M water resistance 
  • Amazing battery life
  • Great image quality 


  • Each battery can record up to only 90 minutes.

AKASO V50 Pro Native 4K30fps 20MP wifi Action Camera

Searching for a powerful and compact and the Best Waterproof Camera Under $100? You are going to love the Akasso V50 20 megapixel action camera. It’s the all-around best pick available in the market.

Capture a 4K resolution image at 30 frames per second, which lets you capture the moment better. The sharpness and depth in the field is very impressive as well as the contrast. The integrated EIS and 6-axis gyroscope let you shoot pictures and film without using a tripod. 

Featuring Wireless app control, you can control your camera’s action with your smartphone and do tasks directly with it. Although the built-in mic is not the best quality one, you can use an external microphone with this waterproof camera to record clear audio.

Built-in 2 inch high responsive IPS touch screen lets you have a great user experience with the camera. Not to mention, you won’t have to deal with any inconvenience of the touch interface, which is a great plus point about this waterproof camera.


  • Superb picture quality 
  • 4k Resolution at 30 frames per second
  • EIS technology for a stable shot


  • The sound quality isn’t good. 

APEMAN A100 Touch Screen Real 4K/50FPS Action Camera

APEMAN A100 Touch Screen Real 4K 50FPS Action Camera

The Apeman A100 is one of the Best Waterproof Camera Under $100 you can get. It’s packed with features that let you shoot incredible shots and record crisp videos as well.

Go 4k image quality at 30 fps to capture fast motions without missing out on the tiniest details. The 7-Layer Glass Lens, UV protection film, and IR filter helps you get truel colors and lower distortion in each shot, which is not something you can find in most of the cameras available on the market.

With 40M water resistance, go deeper and shoot the unique films as you desire. Not to mention, the EIS features help to add more stability in each shot and make everything look more professional. The integrated slow-mo mode is a great way to step out of the box and show your creativity with the videos that you capture using this amazing camera.

Also, it uses a great battery, which provides a long battery life. That way, you won’t have to sweat over constantly charging the battery to keep the camera functional.


  • Great water resistance 
  • Long battery life 
  • Superb images stabilization 


  • Can’t shoot the best images in lower light settings

YINDIA Waterproof Camera Underwater Camera

YINDIA Waterproof Camera Underwater Camera

Do you want a waterproof camera that captures good quality images but you’re on a super tight budget? Well, in that case, the YINDIA waterproof camera is just the right option for you. For your money, you won’t get any better deal than this one, and that’s a guarantee.

While it’s not over the top, you get to record 2.7k resolution videos in 20 FPS, which is pretty impressive for the price. The underwater depth range for this camera is 10 feet, and that lets you take some exceptional shots.

With the anti-shake feature, it’s much easier to film stable videos without worrying about the “Shakes,” and that’s super helpful. The 16x digital zoom, however, is not that decent and might distort the picture quality.

But it has got buttons for an easier user interface, and that takes out any hassle of interacting with any commands. It also weighs only 10.5 ounces, which makes this super easy to carry and use whenever you want. Overall, it’s just a no brainer option for you if you don’t want to break the bank to get a decent quality waterproof camera.


  • Impressive picture quality 
  • Very lightweight 
  • Super affordable 


  • Worst for zooming

S & P Safe and Perfect Full HD 2.7K 48MP Waterproof Camera


S & P Safe and Perfect have a great waterproof camera for under 100 dollars that you can get for yourself. It has great image quality, the price is great, and it’s all you need to capture some stunning underwater pictures or video footage.

Take pictures with the 48 megapixels and film videos at 2.7k resolution. What more can you ask for in under 100 bucks? Take it down underwater for 10 feet, and that way, you can get some great snaps and footage.

What’s unique about this waterproof camera is the built-in flash. Use this to shoot pictures and videos in the dark, and it’s undoubtedly a feature that comes in handy in a lot of situations. 

This camera has a very strong battery life, which allows you to use it for a long time without having to worry about charging it ever so frequently.

This camera features a 16x zoom feature as well, but it’s not the best. However, the dual-screen feature is something cool, and you can’t find such a great screen on any budget waterproof camera.


  • Stunning image quality 
  • Integrated flash
  • Innovative features 


  • Doesn’t support 4k

Campark X30 Native 4K 60fps Action Camera

Campark X30 Native 4K 60fps Action Camera

Searching for the best waterproof camera under $100 that can provide top-notch picture quality and features? Then the Campark X30 action camera is the perfect option for you. 

Record 4k videos at 60 frames per second speed, which lets you get more precision and accuracy in your footage. Never miss a single detail, and capture the true color and contrast with this amazing resolution. 

Unlike most other budget waterproof cameras available out there, this one has a great responsive touchscreen display. It makes everything so much easier for the user, and you get to navigate through all the options very easily. 

Not to mention, it has a 40m underwater capacity, and that allows you to take it there to capture exceptional shots. Get even better shots with no fisheye effects thanks to the distortion correction feature of this camera

The dual 1350 mAh batteries really provide superb battery life. That way, you can use the camera for an extended period without running for the charger over and over.


  • Shoot 4k at 60 FPS
  • Incredible picture quality 
  • Anti-shake feature 


AKASO V50X Native 4K30fps Wifi Action Camera

Best Waterproof Camera Under $100

If you’re looking for a great quality camera under $100, the AKASO V50X is an amazing option for you to try. It’s very affordable but has all the features you can ask for in a waterproof camera.

The image quality you get from this camera is truly impressive compared to its price range. You can capture 4k videos at 30 frames per second speed, and that’s not something you find in most budget cameras.

Also, the build quality of this Akaso camera is super sturdy. That way it can handle some fall-offs and pressures here and there without taking any damage. Built-in wifi connection feature helps to add convenience to the user experience by making it easier to transfer files and images with a few clicks.

The camera has an awesome image stabilization feature as well. That corrects any shakes from the shot and gives you a seeming less film or picture. Overall, this camera is one of the best budget waterproof cameras to get from the market.


  • Smooth and rich image quality 
  • Sturdy build
  • Built-in wifi connection


VanTop Moment 4C 4K/60FPS Action Camera

Best Waterproof Camera Under $100

The final waterproof camera we are going to review is the best seller camera by VanTop. And we’re talking about the Moment 4C model here, which is a super budget-friendly compact waterproof camera for you.

Never miss a moment using the 4k resolution in the video at a stunning 60 fps setting. The 170° ultra-wide-angle is something that you hardly find in any budget camera. It enhances the field of view for you, and as a result, you can take more in with your camera.

Also, you can dive 30 meters with this camera, which allows you to do all sorts of cool photography and filming stuff. The 2 inch IPS touchscreen display is touch responsive and allows for an amazing user experience that you’ll love. Not to mention, it also features amazing image stabilization as well that corrects any unwanted shakes from the picture.

This camera comes with a lot of different modes and features that add to your experience. For instance, you can use the time-lapse and the slow-motion mode to make some cool footage, which is pretty amazing. Overall, it’s a worthwhile investment for you if you want a good quality camera that’s under 100 bucks.


  • Superior image quality 
  • Easy to use
  • Great image stabilization 


  • Battery life needs slight improvement. 

Tips for Improving Your Underwater Photos

As you have the best waterproof camera under $100 now, it’s time to focus on your underwater photos and how to improve them. Let’s check out some tips that will help you take stunning pictures underwater.

Learn From the Best

There are hundreds of professional photographers that have a range of killer shots. And there’s no better way to improve your photography skills than adopting some of the nooks and crannies from the best.

For that, start following a few pro photographers and analyze their work. You’ll start to see some patterns and a few special things that they focus on the most. That will truly skyrocket your photography skills.

Read Photography Magazines

Tons and tons of photo magazines focus on underwater photography, and it’s undoubtedly a great source for you to learn about improving your skills. You get access to thousands of top-class photo collection ranges at the tip of your hand.

So, buy a few of the magazines, and get inspiration from the near-perfect shots.

Take a Course

Are you serious about taking your underwater photography to the next level? Then there is no alternative to enrolling in a course. A good photography course will guide you step by step with a foolproof method that’ll teach you how to do underwater photography. 

If you can enroll in a local workshop, then it’s even better. Otherwise, go for a well-reviewed online course to take your underwater skill to the next level.


You know it’s coming; no one can get good at any skill without practicing a whole bunch. And that’s true for you as well. 

First, take any resource for learning that you want. Then, note down the skills you want to master. Now all you’ve got to do is practice, practice, and more practice. This is the surefire method to improve your underwater photos.

How to choose the Best Waterproof Camera Under $100

Now you have a list of 10 of the best waterproof camera under $100 that you can get from the market. But all 10 of these are not necessarily suitable for your preferred photography or video recording style. 

It’s critical to consider a few things about a waterproof camera before you put your money on the table for it. That way, you get the best value for your money and the best possible experience as well. Let’s check out some of the things you must consider before buying your waterproof camera.

Underwater Features

There are a lot of different and unique underwater features available in modern waterproof cameras. These can be super beneficial, and you should definitely take advantage of them. For instance, you can search for Snorkeling Mode, compatibility with a fisheye lens, etc. Surely, they will help to enhance your experience by a lot.


When we talk about cheaper waterproof cameras, they tend to struggle to provide a good focus on the image. However, a fast and accurate focus is super essential for both shooting photos and recording videos.

Now, you can either go for Autofocus or manual focus. Autofocus typically gets your job done if you don’t want to spend time and energy on it. On the other hand, manual focus lets you be more precise and accurate on the subject but definitely needs a bit of skill.

Battery Life

It’s no secret battery life is one of the most critical aspects of a camera. And when it comes to a waterproof camera, it’s not less important by any means.

Suppose you are in a forest area where there’s no electricity available. In that situation, if your camera’s battery isn’t powerful enough, you won’t be able to use it for a good amount of time. So, it’s very important to get a camera that has great battery life.

Lens Compatibility

Some of the newbie photographers make the mistake of underestimating the importance of lenses for a waterproof camera. Which makes sense if you take a look at it from a logical point of view, as you won’t be taking a lot of macro shots. That might ask a question like if you ever need a camera that’s compatible with lenses in the first place.

Well, if you want to enjoy the best experience with your camera, you should be able to at least try a macro and a wide-angle lens with it.

Image Quality

You probably already know how vital image quality is for a camera. Especially when you are dealing with a waterproof camera, you really don’t want to compromise the quality of the image by any means.

Nothing is more important than getting a crisp and clear picture quality in a waterproof camera, and you should take note of that.

Depth Limit

As you’re getting a waterproof camera, it’s a great idea to check the depth limit of the camera. That tells you how deep the camera stays waterproof, and it’s really some important information you don’t want to miss.


Question 1: Can you take photos in the rain?

Answer: You can actually get some exceptional shots in the rain. Yet, understand that not every picture will be flawless as there’s water splashing on the lens. But honestly, that can be a unique aesthetic about it anyway.

Be sure to get a good quality waterproof camera if you’re planning to take photos in the rain. Don’t let anything hold you back, and remember, this is a great way to break free from the conventional zone of photography. So, take advantage of it and get some of the best shots in the rain.

Question 2: Is Cloudy weather good for photography?

Answer: Despite the fact, some photographers adore cloudy weather, it’s actually not that good for photography. That’s because the lighting is soft and gloomy and definitely compromises the image quality and contrast in the picture. 

Anyone can tell the importance of lighting for photography. A bright environment is a must if you want a crisp and clear shot. But when it comes to cloudy weather, there is no natural light supporting the picture. Therefore, you must use alternative lighting sources to shoot in cloudy weather.

Question 3: How can I make my camera waterproof?

Answer: The best way to make your camera waterproof would be to use a high-quality waterproof cover. Such covers are found all over the marketplace, and if you spend a few bucks for it, you can make your camera waterproof pretty effectively as well.

However, it’s important that you check the features and reviews before you choose to spend your money on a waterproof cover. That will ensure safety for the camera so that

you don’t accidentally cause any damage. Yet, it’s always the best option to go for a waterproof camera in the first place.

Question 4: How do you protect camera gear from rain?

Answer: You can get a backpack rain cover, a waterproof backpack, or a waterproof camera bag for protecting your camera from rain. These are pretty basic stuff, but it’s all that you’ll ever need for keeping your camera gear safe from water.

At least try to use an umbrella, but never bring your camera unprotected out in the rain. That’ll damage the device, and you don’t want it to happen. The all-around solution to that can be getting a waterproof camera, which will remove any chance of damaging the camera from the rain.

Final Verdict

Now you have a lot of options available for you, and you can easily pick the best waterproof camera under $100 for yourself. The guides will also help you further along the way to get a better experience with your camera.

You see, it’s not always about spending more money on a product that makes it better. Sometimes you should consider what you want out of it, which may vary from person to person. And that is the only way to find the perfect fit. And hopefully, you find this article helpful, and it’ll help you choose a great waterproof camera for your next adventures.