Best Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen Under 400

Best Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen Under 400 (Our Top 7 Picks for 2022)

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Vlogging is the #1 way in the 21st century to create content and let your thoughts out in the world. And the camera you use impacts everything. Getting a good quality camera will not only make the video quality better but will help you deliver yourself better to your audience. Not to mention, the additional features used in the cameras help to make life so much easier.You might notice there is a wide range of cameras that are dedicated to vloggers. And yes, if you plan to make vlogging content, these will help you a lot. And you can get a quality one with the Best Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen Under 400.

To help you find out the best one, let’s check out the best vlogging camera with flip screen under 400 available out there.

7 Best Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen Under $400

Down below, we’ll review 7 of the best cameras you can find on the market dedicated for vlogging.

Panasonic LUMIX DC-ZS70K Digital Camera

Our first pick is an amazing 4k telephoto digital camera by Panasonic. It lets you shoot the crispest and clear shot, and the front display allows you to monitor everything more precisely.

With the 20.3MP sensor along with 4k quality, you don’t have to miss out on even the tiniest of details. It picks up the most detailed shots even if the lighting is not that great. 

Of course, the touch-enabled front display adds another dimension of flexibility to your vlogging experience. It’s 3 inches, and you can tilt it for 180 degrees without any issue.

Also, this Panasonic camera features 5-Axis optical image stabilization. That helps to fix any shakes or unevenness from your shot. So, you can easily shoot perfectly stable pictures and videos without even a tripod. For vlogging, that’s a dream come true.

Another incredible feature of this camera is its 30x optical zoom. You can easily shoot high-resolution shots without getting too close to an object, and that can come in handy in so many different scenarios. Overall, it’s a perfect vlogging camera that you’ll fall in love with within no time.

  • 4k quality allows for stunning shots
  • The zooming feature is really good in this camera
  • The 5-Axis image stabilization is incredibly effective
  • Not very easy to use for complete beginners

Canon PowerShot Digital Camera [G7 X Mark II]

Want more convenience, quality, and power in a single camera? Then the G7 X Mark II by Canon is a perfect pick for you. Not only does it have a front display for ease of recording, but the quality and user interface are just phenomenal.

Unlike most other cameras, this one can capture great shots in low light conditions thanks to its high aperture. Also, 20.1 Megapixel CMOS sensors are used for most top-notch Canon cameras. So, you can expect wonderful quality in the shot, and it’s the Best Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen Under 400.

Get the full benefit of autofocus with the camera, making your vlogging experience a lot easier and smoother. And if you are just starting out, this smart AF can help you get stunning content in no time.

The 3.0 inches LCD monitor is flexible up to 180 degrees, allowing you to monitor every movement. Also, the 4.2x zoom allows you to get a decent range with your camera. It comes with a continuous shot feature as well, which lets you shoot 8 fps without compromising the quality.

  • Provides bright and radiant shots
  • Continuous shot allows you to take multiple shots in a blink of an eye
  • Impressive autofocus makes everything better and easier
  • The battery life of this camera is not groundbreaking.

Panasonic LUMIX DC-ZS70S Digital Camera

Next up, we have another amazing camera by Panasonic that’s perfect for vlogging. All of its features and specs make it the best vlogging camera with flip screen under 400, and it makes creating content easier and more fun. 

The 20.3 Megapixel MOS sensor is the best you can get when it comes to capturing the depth in field and details. And the 30x Leica DC VARIO-ELMAR lens combined with the sensor is truly overkill. You can capture the true moment smoothly without having to compromise any quality issues.

Not to mention, the 5-axis Hybrid optical image stabilization fixes any uneven shakes and provides an utterly stable image. Also, the electric image viewfinder lets you see exactly what you’re getting, and in terms of feedback, it can’t get better than this.

This digital camera features a 180-degree flippable screen as well, which allows you to make content more freely. The battery life is not that great, and you might need to plug it in a few times if you use the camera very heavily. But overall, it’s undoubtedly a perfect all-around camera for vlogging.

  • 4K QFHD video recording, 4k images, and
  • 5-axis Hybrid optical image stabilization is the best in the game
  • Impressive autofocus makes everything better and easier
  • The battery life of this camera is not groundbreaking.

Panasonic LUMIX FZ300 Long Zoom Digital Camera

The LUMIX FZ300 model by Panasonic is one of their best-selling cameras that is super versatile and is perfect for vlogging. With stunning image quality, long zooming, stable shots, this camera has it all. 

Capture the true moment with the 4k quality video and pictures, which is undoubtedly the #1 priority in vlogging. The quality makes a huge difference in the message you have to convey to your audience and helps to present the whole thing better.

However, the long zooming capability is its best selling point. The Leica DC Vario Elmarit lens allows for 24x zoom, and it’s magical. You can literally take shots in the range of 25-600mm, which allows you to do so many things. And this camera does it without distorting the quality or compromising any pixels. 

The F2.8 aperture gives you true bright shots in lowlight conditions, which is super useful in a lot of scenarios. And the design of this camera is pretty solid. It’s dustproof and doesn’t get debris buildup, which takes a load of maintenance off of your head. If you want to do vlogging, then it’s a perfect choice for you & this is Best Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen Under 400.

  • Long zoom allows you to capture more without much effort
  • Picture quality leaves no space for any complaint
  • Suitable for versatile use; perfect for vlogging
  • The autofocus has room for improvement.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i EF-S 18-55 IS STM Kit

Canon has a reputation for manufacturing some of the best ranges of cameras, and this one exceeded the expectation of camera enthusiasts. With incredible features and specs, this is a perfect gear for vlogging.

It features an 18 MP well renowned APS-C CMOS sensor, which provides exceptional quality shots. You can get 1080p quality with this camera. As you can’t shoot in 4k it might be a drawback for some people. But if you combine the specs and features of this camera, you can see that it makes up for that with everything else.

Unlike most other cameras you find out there, it has a very strong battery. It’ll last you all day, and you won’t have to plug it very often, which is amazing for long sessions of content creation. 

Canon is famous for its autofocus, and this one takes the AF to the next level. The 9 point AF system makes everything so much better, and you get the best shots without putting in much effort. Everything feels so seamless with this utterly incredible AF., and you’ll fall in love with the experience of using the Best Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen Under 400.

  • Best autofocus tech allows for better and easier shots
  • Maximum sharpness and crispness in each shot
  • Premium turnable LED with 1,040,000 dots
  • Doesn’t support 4k shooting

Canon PowerShot SX740 Digital Camera

If you are looking for a lightweight and compact camera for your content creation, then there’s the perfect match for you. The PowerShot SX740 is the best in the game with a smaller design. It’s probably the best vlogging camera thanks to its portability and incredible specs.

The build quality of this camera is super sturdy. However, it’s super slim and weighs only 0.61 pounds. That makes it super portable, and you can carry it easily with you. 

Not to mention, you can take 4k quality shots with the 20.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor, making your pictures and videos magically beautiful. The contrast level of each shot is to the point. However, it struggles a little bit in low light conditions as the aperture is not that high.

Yet, this camera is the Best Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen Under 400, and it definitely helps to elevate your experience in creating content. The image stabilization is amazing, and it helps you get a perfect shot each time.

It’s truly a perfect pick for vlogging thanks to all these amazing features, and you’ll have a wonderful time using this camera.

  • Super-premium build quality; very sturdy
  • Superior zooming capacity allows you to get more range
  • Amazing 4k picture and video quality; simply the best
  • Doesn’t perform well in low light conditions

Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Camera

Finally, we’ll review the EOS M100 by Canon, which is truly an amazing vlogging camera for you. The user interface of this camera is better than most other ones, and you’ll find it very easy and helpful for creating your content.

This camera features a 3.0 inch Tilt-type LCD with an intuitive touchscreen for better flexibility. You can monitor yourself without any issue, thanks to the front-facing display. Also, the touchscreen helps you navigate the camera functions very easily. It’s a no-brainer camera for beginners as well.

The 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS C) Sensor is undoubtedly the best in the game, and it gives you the best quality in each shot. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into getting the lighting right, as the high aperture will provide you radiant shots so we can say this is Best Vlogging Camera With Flip Screen Under 400.

This Canon camera is a winner incompatibility as well. The EF-M, EF^, and EF-S^ lineup allow you to use more interchangeable lenses for better versatility. So, if you’d like to get yourself a camera that’s easy to use and has wonderful features and specs, then this is a solid option for you.

  • Capture stunning quality pictures and videos
  • Super-easy user interface; perfect for beginners
  • 3 inch LCD touchscreen display is just amazing
  • The battery life drains a bit faster compared to other models.

What is the vlogging camera with a flip screen?

A flip screen in the camera allows you to tilt the screen at different angles to get a better view of what you’re capturing with your camera. This feature comes especially in handy when you are facing the front of the camera, and you need feedback on what you’re doing.

Not all the cameras you get to come with a flip screen, and if you shoot your content alone, this can be an issue for you. It’s not possible to ask for help every time you need to record a vlog, and hiring someone to do that will cost you a lot of money.

The easy solution to that would be to use a camera with a flip screen. You can simply flip the screen to get all the feedback you want, and it can come in handy in so many scenarios. Most of the cameras designed for vloggers come with at least a 180-degree tiltable display. That’s all you need in most of the case to create your stuff more freely.

Factors to consider before buying a vlogging camera

Now that you went through our picks of the 7 best cameras for vlogging, you can easily pick one of them, and it’ll be worth your money. However, if you are serious about getting the perfect camera for your style of vlogging, then picking a random camera is not the best idea. On the other hand, if you are a cooking vlogger or hunting vlogger, you should read mentioned post.

Let’s go over everything you need to consider to pick the best one under 400 bucks from the market.


Quality is the #1 thing you should consider before you put your money into a camera. If your vlogging contents don’t have the best quality, it’s not the most presentable thing for your audience.

4k videos are a standard quality for modern vlogging content. However, if the camera can’t even take videos at 1080p, then it’s not worth your money. Also, check the FPS as well, and you should be looking for a camera that can shoot at 30 FPS at least, preferably at 60fps or more. The megapixels and the sensor used in the camera play a huge role in determining the quality of your shots.


Autofocus is another major important component for a vlogger’s camera. It allows for better content without having to put a lot of effort into it. And if you plan to record content regularly, then you want all the help you can get. And a good AF is undoubtedly the best thing for you in that case.

You should look for a camera with good autofocus before you make a purchase. Professionals tend to use manual focus more often, but if you are a beginner, then don’t sweat over manual focus just yet. Rather, get a camera with good AF.

Lowlight Shooting

If you are a vlogger, you’d probably have to shoot a lot of videos in a lot of different lighting environments. So, having a higher aperture in the camera is one of the key components that you should consider. 

A high aperture allows more light to pass through the lens, resulting in brighter and more radiant picture quality. The f/2.8 is a good range to go for, and in most cases, that should be enough for regular use. But if your content is targeted towards fewer lighting environments, then you should get a camera with an aperture level of f/1.8 or more. If you are not that specialist at low-light video cameras, let’s jump to this post to know more.

Image Stabilization

If you plan to create content without a tripod, then a good image stabilization feature is a must-have for you. But even if that’s not the case with you, still you should get a camera with decent image stabilization. 

IS in the camera helps you to get more balanced and even shots. A 5 axis image stabilization is pretty standard when it comes to IS, and it’ll help you create better content. However, don’t make the mistake of overlooking the importance of image stabilization even if you use a tripod.


Being able to zoom opens up so many doors, and you can do so much with your camera using this feature. It helps you to capture objects far away and out of your reach without having to physically move there. 

Try to take advantage of this feature, and use it in your vlogging to create more tasteful content. You’ll definitely find it super helpful in no time.

Battery Life

Making vlogging content requires time, and the camera must be able to run the whole time as well. But if your camera doesn’t have a decent battery life, then there is no way to create your content without any interruption. And what can be more annoying than having to stop recording and plugging your camera into a charger super often?

So, when you go out to buy a camera for vlogging, you should consider one with good battery life. That’ll help you get a pleasurable vlogging experience.


Question 1: What type of camera do vloggers use?

Answer: Vloggers tend to use cameras that can create better quality content for themselves. They focus on quality and convince almost equally, which is pretty logical. 

That’s because they have to create vlogs on a regular basis and so convince gets as important as quality. Also, they prefer cameras with better AF, image stabilization, zooming capability, and higher aperture.

Question 2: Can you do vlogging with your phone?

Answer: As phones nowadays have top-class camera hardware, you can do vlogging with your phone. However, it’s unnecessarily the best idea to do it that way. 

You see, phones are not designed to provide you with quality and convenience when it comes to vlogging. But a dedicated camera for vlogging will give you all of that plus a lot more. So, while it’s possible to do vlogging with your phone, it’s best to invest in a dedicated camera.

Question 3: What is the best 4k vlogging camera with a flip screen?

Answer: Panasonic LUMIX DC-ZS70K digital camera is probably the best vlogging camera that you can get from the market. It gives you stunning quality pictures and videos, it has super effective image stabilization, and you get amazing zooming capability out of it as well.

Question 4: What do I need to start vlogging?

Answer: First, you need to get yourself a decent quality camera that you’ll use to create vlogging content. Then, you need a microphone for audio input, a tripod for stabilizing the camera, and a lighting source. Also, you’ll need editing software to make your vlog presentable to the audience.

Question 5: How do vlogs get rich?

Answer: Consistency is the #1-way vlogs get rich. There are definitely a lot of paid methods, marketing, and other stuff you can do to make your vlog rich as well. But if you stay consistent, you’ll eventually start to drive a lot of traffic. But of course, you need to make quality vlogs in the first place.

To Wrap Up

These were some of our picks on the vlogging camera under $400. As you saw, each one provides exceptional quality and a wide range of features, making them the best value for your money.

However, it’s recommended you follow the guide to pick the perfect fit for your case. And be sure not to cheap out on the pricing and buy some random super cheap product. Paying a bit extra definitely makes a difference, and you’ll have a magical time creating the vlogs.