best camera for 8 year old

Best Video Camera for 8 Year Old (Preserve the Childhood As It Is!)

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Do you want your kid to get some of his fun times captured for a lifetime? And do you want to do it without introducing a smartphone, which can affect the kid negatively? Well, then you’re at the right spot. Because today we’ll speak on some of the best video camera for 8 year old. These kid-friendly gadgets are specially designed for your little ones with fewer complexities and exciting features.

Kitcheck Camcorder – Our Top Pick

  • You get fantastic picture quality with a 1080P video output with extraordinary depths and sharpness.
  • Kids’ would have to find the attractive built-in light which aids their recording in the evening or nighttime. 
  • Attach it to your pc anytime, and it converts into a webcam right away.
  • Direct TV connection let’s all the family members enjoy the videos.
  • Older crowds can also use it.

Best Video Camera for 8 Year Old

So, right now, our list of some quality cameras for children would reflect on their characteristics and both the strengths and weaknesses. So it would be feasible for you to decide the type of gadget your kid would own! Let’s find out! 

Kitcheck Camcorder 

Kitcheck Camcorder

First on our list is the fantastic camcorder package by kitcheck. This one has a 1080P resolution with anti-shaking technology involved, which should be a perfect item for the kids to record the playtimes or travel!

Built-in light would privilege the kids to keep it working during low light conditions and be significantly utilized as a webcam. 

Your kid can also pause whenever he wants and start again from the previous paused location for a fully detailed recording. 

Moreover, you can also connect the cam to the TV to view actions your kid just has recorded. Both children and the elderly alike can use the functionality involved in the cam.

One issue they may bother with is the zoom not working while using a webcam. But overall, this is a pretty good pick! 


  • 1080 High Definition Video Capturing Capability 
  • Built-in Light Helps Kids Record in Low Light Condition
  • Can be Used with TV Directly 
  • Recording Can be Paused and Restarted from the Same Place 
  • Works Good with Kids and Elderly Alike 


  • Zoom not Available During Webcam Use 

PROGRACE Kids Waterproof Camera


At the 2nd spot, we have here a specially designed camera for your kids! Prograce kids camera is a nifty gadget with a waterproof casing which they can take wherever they desire! Be it in the rains or have fun at the pool, this action video cam can aid your kids with a 1080 HD recording underwater and on land. It comes with a massive 32 GB storage capacity and intelligently constructed mounts for skateboard or bike mounting! 

Being anti-shock and dustproof, this is something that should fit any kid!

Slight battery drainage may seem irritating, but if you’re looking for the best video camera for 8 year old, this should be considered! 


  • Comes with waterproof casing for underwater recording 
  • Save your memories with better image quality. 
  • Storage can be upgraded to 32 GB of space.
  • Attachment gears for bike or skateboard mounting 
  • Anti-shock and dustproof capability make it sturdy.


  • Battery Drainage Can Seem Irritating 

Kidwill 8.0MP Digital Dual Camera

Best Video Camera for 8-Year-Old

We have other kids’ specials at number 3. Kidwill’s pink outer look of the camera makes it alluring for your kids. On top of it, this 8.0-megapixel camera includes a massive 32 GB memory card, where your kid can save all her earlier years’ memory! Build material that went into the construction of this item was environment friendly and nontoxic, so it goes very well with the kids. 

Most importantly, this particular camera is quite durable, which would help it withstand your child’s runs and plays. Great lanyard design lets your kid hang it around his neck while going out! 

Despite the flash being a bit dim, it should perform outstandingly well for your kids, on the whole. 


  • Highly effective toy camera for toddlers 
  • Comes with a massive 32 Gb memory card stick 
  • Nontoxic, environmental, and kid-friendly material used. 
  • Provides durability for the children 


  • Flash may seem a bit deem. 

AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Camera

AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Camera

Well, right here on our list is a device by Akaso, which is undoubtedly one of the best video camera for 8 year old and older age groups alike. You’d be surprised to learn that this action cam offers a reliable 4k recording for an unbelievable video output quality! 

It’s technologically advanced than most cameras of this status and comes with a wrist remote control for extra convenience! 

Surprisingly it comes with a 100ft waterproof case, which can let your kids record it wherever they like. The casing also offers durability and dust protection. Further, transfer the captured data quickly with Wi-Fi connectivity! 

Kids may find it slightly difficult to maneuver it, but it’s just one of a kind and a must-have for your home! 


  • 4k Video output provides unimaginable image quality
  • Comes with an advanced wrist remote control technology
  • Wifi connectivity for easy transfer of data
  • 100ft waterproof casing lets it be used underwater and improves durability


  • Can seem a bit difficult for the kids to operate

Ourlife Kids Camera

Ourlife Kids Camera

Are you looking for the best video camera for 8 year old girl? Then Our Life’s incredible camera matches that criteria one hundred percent. The Incredible Ourlife camera has a 1080 pixel high definition output, which would let the kids experience their childhood memories in vivid details. 

Outstanding pink and kids-specialized design would catch the attraction of any child! This cam also includes a selfie cam as well so If your child is a selfie enthusiast, it should fit her well. 

Finally, with a durable waterproof case, your child can take it wherever she likes, be it in the rain, on a bicycle, or rafting! 

The sturdy case can make it slightly difficult for the kid to press the buttons while it’s on. But overall, it’s just an extraordinary piece for your children any day!


  • Outstanding Video Output Standard with 1080p Hd
  • Pink Colored kid specialized design attracts the children.
  • A waterproof case makes it highly suitable for outdoor use. 
  • A special selfie camera makes it more entertaining.  


  • Can get a bit difficult for kids to press the buttons while the camera is inside the case

Actinow- Video Camera Camcorder

Actinow- Video Camera Camcorder

At the concluding part of our guide, we have another superb option by Actinow. This one should work really for the kids who have a knack for serious videography as it comes with a high 1080P HD video output. It also has some exciting features for the kids’ like smile capture, face detection, and webcam. 

Furthermore, children tend to shake the camera while recording, making all the videos disturbing for them to watch later on. But’ with the anti-shaking capability, everyone can watch the videos kids have recorded together! It’s relatively small and lightweight, making it feasible for the children to carry it wherever they like. The mic may tend to pick up less than what is expected of it, but on the whole, it’s a great pick you can go ahead with for the kids. 


  • Superior picture quality with 1080P resolution
  • Anti shaking for children who can’t hold the cam steady
  • Filled with exciting features like face detection and smile capture
  • Compact and lightweight make children carry it easily. 


  • Mic may not perform the way you want it. 

AKAMATE Kids Action Camera Waterproof

AKAMATE Kids Action Camera Waterproof

Akamate has our last and final kids’ camera on the list. With beautiful bluish and white patterned design makes a highly stylish addition for kids with a choice. 

It has an outstanding 1080P Hd output for a fantastic video quality with sharp details. Another interesting fact about this camera is it has a total of three games, which the kids will surely enjoy after they’ve done capturing video. 

The battery backup in this camera is quite long as well. A 3.7 Li-ion battery offers a long 90 minutes of continuous recording. A sturdy waterproof case lets the kids take with them while they’re going swimming. The case also supports the camera while even underwater. Moreover, it comes with a 32 GB memory card for saving tons of video footage with ease. Buttons have loud noise programmed with them, which may seem a bit irritating for some. But overall, a sturdy item for kids you can get any time! 


  • Highly specified design for kids with style 
  • Has multiple games for kids to play in free time
  • Don’t have to recharge as it comes with a more extended battery.
  • Waterproof case enhances durability. 
  • Comes with large storage of 32 GB


  • Buttons have irritating noises. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Video Camera for 8 Year Old 

Finding the right item for us and getting the right toy for the kids are never the same. Here, we’d like to provide you with some techniques you can use to find a likable cam for the children. 

Understand your Children 

As we said earlier, kids don’t view the world as we do. Their ways of perception are always different from ours. We may get expensive cams for them that we like, but when you hand it to your kid, he leaves it to play with something else. It’s not a new phenomenon. Often we hear the parents complaining about their children’s lack of interest in what they bring to them. So, it’s the most important you’d need to do right now. Try to understand what type of toys and instruments they like and then get a cam which suits their personality. 

Kids’ Put Serious Emphasis on Color 

Whether you agree or not, kids’ tend to pick things based on color. Almost all the kids, in general, have their favorite color, which they identify with quite well. It can reach a certain point that they’re not accepting anything you hand them that doesn’t match their favorite color criteria. 

So, this is another consideration that should be taken seriously before you just pick and order a random camera for them. Keep in mind that girl children would love to have red, pink, or other light colors for typical stereotypes. Where boys usually prefer black or blue.  

Prioritize the Design

While getting cameras or any other technological gadgets or gear, you must remember the priorities are different. Adults would go for the specifications like 4k video output resolution, battery backup, storage, and so on. But for the kids, quite the opposite, they focus on the outer aspects of things. 

For example, if you’ve brought an outstandingly well-performing cam with a dull design, it’s possible that the kids’ wouldn’t find it interesting at all just by seeing it. So, it’s always recommended that you get camcorders with beautiful designs featuring cartoon characters, animals, and attractively stylish paintings.  

Easy to Use 

It’s another essential element we as parents often forget to consider while buying cams for children. Camcorders or any other device, it’s complicated to use may not interest them much in the long run. 

The functions and the commands in the device should be kid-friendly and have a much more straightforward user experience than the general product line. It should have an attractive and easy to use interface for the children to navigate the functions without facing difficulties. 

The buttons should have icons than written words, so it gets easier for kids to comprehend the actual purpose of each control he/she is pressing. So, overall, you must find the cameras that offer the most straightforward interface out there. 

Is it Specially Built for the Kids?

Suppose you’re finding it challenging to get a camera with a more straightforward interface and attractive looking design. In that case, it’s better to head for cams which are designed while keeping the children’s demands and necessities in mind. Usually, these cams are built for specific purposes, and you’d get all the features children like in one go. So, always focus on it before you hand your kid an adult device that he/she doesn’t feel interested in. 

Mounts and Lanyards 

Finally, mounts are lanyards and are also quite exciting items for the kids. You can install it on their helmet or skateboards, or bicycles to capture all the fun events they run into. It captures the best moments of your child’s life for him to watch later on. Lanyards, on the other hand, help the kids to carry the cams wherever they go and prevents falls. Therefore, it’s best to get ones which have mounts and lanyards for the children! 

Buying Guide to Get the Best Video Camera for 8 Year Old 

Some elements are required if you want to find out the best video camera for 8 year old boy.By the way, you have to choose different elements for 10 years old kids. If you can manage to locate those particular characteristics in a cam, then it’s safe to go ahead with it. : Let’s find out what they are.

Anti Shaking Technology

It’s quite natural for the children to have unsteady hands while recording an event. With average cams, the video would be completely distorted and painted to watch for the viewers when the recording was done with a shaky hand. 

That’s why we’d ask you to go for the one which offers anti-shaking technology. As a result, you’d get steady videos even if the recording wasn’t done correctly. 

Make Sure It’s Not Heavy                              

Children have minimal weight carrying capability. On top of it, video recorders are handheld devices, which requires the user to hold it straight for a prolonged period. If the item is heavy, your kids will not have it straight for long and would soon become completely disinterested in it. That’s why always make sure the camcorder is lightweight and easy for children to grip.

Added Games 

Games are always an exciting element in almost all the children irrespective of culture and upbringing. When the cam you’re getting for them has games installed, it makes a whole lot of difference. It makes the cam a lot more engaging when recording videos, and playing it back becomes dull.

Interesting Camera Features

Finally, see if the camcorder has exciting features to use for fun. Apps like face detection, smile capture, different sticker attachment during or after taking photos, selfie camera, webcam, all these things transform the basic camera functions into a kid-special item instantly. So, try getting the ones that have many exciting apps and features. 


Finally, when you’re buying a cam for the kids, it has to be durable no matter what. Many of them now come with a hardened casing that offers waterproof and enhances the power to withstand falls and violent shaking. For kids’ this is highly necessary, and if you don’t want to find broken pieces of the newly bought cam, then it’s better to spend some extra bucks, so it lasts a couple of years at the very least. 


Who Should Buy a video Camera for Kids?

Anyone can purchase a video camera for kids. Especially parents with one or multiple children can buy for their entertainment. At the same time, others can also purchase them to use as Christmas gifts and so on. As they make beautiful gifts for your friends’ sons or daughters, these types of cameras are suited for parents as well as bachelors.

Why should kids learn videography?

Kids can learn videography because, in this highly digitalized world, the importance of photography and videography is increasing every day. It’s always best for your kids to have an exciting skill set at a very early age. On top of it’d also develop an artistic eye in your children, which let them see things with much more depth in the future. 

Final Thoughts 

Children like us need a change, a relief from the hectic routine of going to school and homework. Keep them lit up with funny and interactive toys and devices, so they perform better in the other aspects of life as well. 

If you find the best video camera for 8 year old in your house, he/she will find it highly interesting to take it out wherever he likes to go and come back recording his entire life in it. So, even you can have a glimpse of your little ones’ best moments in life! So, get him a quality cam and make memories worth watching!