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Best Lighting for Podcast  (Revolutionize Your Shows Now!)

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Are you a teaching artist or an avid YouTuber? Well, in that case, you may need to consider quality devices to present yourself in front of thousands of audience in a sharp and clear appearance. 

Getting the best lighting for a podcast would surely be something that needs to be on your checklist besides having a quality mic, video capturing device, and presentable background space. 

Lighting is often underestimated by many newcomers in the industry. However, quality lighting and visuals are surely one the few things that make all the difference between a newbie and a professional YouTube or online teaching artist. 

Best Lighting for Podcast 

Now we’re going to talk about some quality lighting options you can go ahead with. We’ll detail both their downsides and the positive attributes comprehensively so you get a fuller understanding of each one. Let’s begin!

Neewer 700W Professional Socket Lighting Kit

First, we have the Neewer 700w professional socket lighting to offer appropriate brightness when you’re in front of the camera. Let’s get into the details of this one. 


  • Light diffusion technology 
  • Added adjustability option 
  • Added brightness 
  • Extra strong components 
  • Carrying bag for easy transportation

If you’ve been looking for studio-grade image quality with a sophisticated brightness level, this one would surely offer a satisfactory experience. 

It comes equipped with removable diffusers which gives you the freedom to work on the softness of the light and adjust exposure levels to your liking. 

The white front cover on the softbox offers flexibility in lighting. The setup itself is pretty easy while the long cables would make it even easier to place it anywhere and get it connected to the power. 

It’s a tremendously versatile device that can be used for photography, video recording, YouTube video streaming, and whatnot? 

Rust is one of the issues you may want to consider before going ahead with this one. However, considering all the positives, this one should surely be a video companion on any given day.

  • Outstanding illumination for a clear visual
  • Offers exceptional softness reducing extra sharpness
  • Adjustable light levels
  • Highly versatile usability
  • Tough aluminum construction
  • Components can be prone to rusting
  • May take up a bit too much space

RALENO Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

 At the 2nd spot, we have the Raleno soft photography lighting kit. This one also offers some tremendously exquisite video lighting capabilities for YouTubers. Let’s get to learn more about this one. 


  • Light on/off switch 
  • Added carry bag 
  • Height adjustability option 
  • Easy installation 
  • Shadow free recording 

The reason why this one would be a good option is, due to the increased illumination of the lights you won’t have any shadows existing while recording the video, resulting in optimum streaming quality.

However, the light which it generates would not hurt the eyes of the viewers because it comes equipped with sophisticated light softening equipment, making the light be delivered more smoothly and delicately. 

The height adjustability is another positive which will help you keep the light at the perfect angle for outstanding video capturing. 

Disparities in the lighting make the recording awful with different levels of illumination at different places. But with its enhanced lightbox processing, you get a more uniform light for better and more refined picture and professional looking video. 

Last but not the least, the color output can also be maintained significantly reducing post-editing chores and improving production. 

The instruction manual may not offer anything useful besides listing the names of the items. But keeping aside minor flaws like that, this one should surely be a quality lighting companion for you anytime! 

  • Shadow free capture quality 
  • Exceptional slight softening capabilities 
  • Uniform illumination reduces light disparities 
  • Quality color output 
  • Rescued post-editing workou
  • The instruction may seem ineffective
  • Cheap-looking plastic knob

LINCO Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light Kit 

Now we have another professional-grade studio lighting equipment, this time by Linco. Being highly regarded because of its tremendous user satisfaction record, this one can surely be a quality add-on for your home recording sessions. 


  • Added carry bag for transportation
  • Tons of accessories including holder, tripod, and diffusers 
  • Exceptional ergonomics 
  • Versatile operation
  • Various professional setup

One good thing about it is that they use an umbrella softbox, which will offer realistic lighting for those who want a vibrant picture quality. 

You’re also getting a green screen in this package. It will let you layer any background without much difficulty. Often you’d hear the streamers complaining about flimsy light stands, but that is not the case with this one. Having tough, durable stands you won’t get the lights to the ground easily. 

The lights themselves are pretty powerful and should offer excellent clarity and visual performance somewhat similar to that of the Neewer 700W Professional Socket Lighting Kit. 

One issue that you may find a bit disappointing is the clamps. They may not work as strongly as they should. But, leaving behind minor problems like that, it’s a fine setup you can go ahead with any time! 

  • Comes with quality light diffusion capabilities
  • Offers exceptional illumination and clarity for video streaming
  • Added green screen for better video customization
  • Strong and sturdy light stands
  • Tons of added accessories for a complete video recording
  • Clamps may seem a bit weaker
  • Getting all the items set up may seem a bit complicated

UBeesize LED Podcast Lighting Kits

If you’re looking for a more premium grade lighting option then take a look at this particular one. Coming with sophisticated lighting capabilities, it should be a quality add-on for rising YouTubers like you! 


  • Sophisticated design 
  • Extra colored filters 
  • Product photography specialized 
  • Game streaming 
  • User-friendly brightness control 

The most unique part about this one is that it’s a very compact, neatly packaged light without many complicated mechanisms involved. The utter simplicity while maintaining a high standard in performance makes it different from the average grade lighting options. 

Often we hear complaints about the added brightness by the lighting not being enough. Well, you wouldn’t be complaining about this one, as the level of brightness it provides is superb and should offer a quality video recording session in low light conditions. 

One phenomenal capability of this light is that you can use multiple colors in the light, setting up a tremendously versatile environment to film on. You can use different colored lighting for different projects!

Being small and compact you can store it wherever you want without any issues. 

It may not be that sturdy. In that case, you’d have to be very careful while handling it. 

However, given the tons of possibilities it provides you with, this one should surely be an outstanding option for video lighting anyday! 

  • Outstanding illumination for added clarity
  • Easy and complication-free setup
  • Provides multiple colored lighting
  • Small and compact design for easy storage
  • Versatile usage for different operations
  • May seem a bit flimsy
  • Stand may break easily

Cyezcor Video Ring Light

Are you looking for something stunningly effective while it comes in an unbelievably affordable manner? Well, here we have the Cyezcor video conference lighting kit which will do the job! 


  • Works well for remote workers 
  • Specialized for Google and Zoom meetings 
  • Multiple levels of adjustable brightness 
  • Beautifies appearance 
  • User-friendly design 

This one similar to the Cyezcor Video Ring Light comes with stunningly easy installation. In fact, it’s the most compact and easily usable lighting device on the list. 

It doesn’t have any complicated features, instead, it comes equipped with an easily adjustable clip that you can attach anywhere, whether a tripod, your monitor, or laptop screen. 

The light itself is pretty small and incredibly easy to transport, it’d be an ideal item if you’re a vlogger and a digital nomad who travels a lot.

It uses technologically advanced circular lighting, which dispenses the light all across the place, unlike the solid lights which would over-illuminate a particular area and keep certain areas in a relatively darker appearance. 

Being USB powered you won’t even have to connect it to external power sources, the simple USB, plug and play setup would make it an exceptionally easy light to handle. 

  • Tremendously transportable device
  • Can be set up anywhere, anytime
  • Circular lighting for better light dispensation
  • A quality add on for any vlogger or YouTuber
  • High temperature and brightness adjustability for personalized picture quality
  • May not work from a distance
  • Clamp may seem a bit too weak

How Do You Set Up Lighting for a Podcast?

Well, if you’ve got the required lighting for video podcasts already you must have a valid understanding of how it can be set up to get the perfect picture quality. Let’s find out: 

Setting up a 3 Point Lighting for Solo podcast studio

Primary Lighting 

There is a key light in the 3 point lighting mechanism. It offers maximum brightness and is usually used on the left or right side of the camera. If it’s a too bright light, you may need to use a diffuser. 

Fill Light 

Fill lights are usually used from an angle. The main goal of this light is to remove any shadow present during the recording. So, pick and choose your angle and use this one to completely reduce the shadows and dark spots. 

Rim Light/ Back light

If you’re speaking to your video cam there should be a small lamp light source from behind you. The primary goal of this light is to give yourself or the subject a shine from the back. It is mainly used by YouTubers to highlight their hair better and offer a fuller appearance in front of the camera. Rim lights can also be placed by the side for a better visual. 

Well, this is the basics of a three-point lighting mechanism. It will give you a more in-depth and quality lighting appearance on the whole. 

On the other hand, if you need more information about podcast setup you can read this article ‘Easy Video podcast setup

Get some tips you need to grow your show

If you’re a new YouTuber and looking for effective tips to grow your show, here is a list of small techniques you can use: 

  • Talk about trending topics 
  • Speak on controversial ideas 
  • Invite influencers and guests with a large social media following
  • Have a pre-planned content 
  • Do tremendous market research and get to know what interests people more 
  • Don’t forget effective SEO 
  • Use LinkedIn to get the crowd 
  • Use promotional videos and postings before each event 
  • Use quality email marketing 
  • Promote your shows on all social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Employ quality devices like camera, lighting, and mic 

If you’re able to utilize the above-mentioned tips, it can be expected that your channel will grow rapidly within weeks or months!

Get a better idea about what you need in-camera for better podcasting.

How to choose the best lighting for podcast 

Well, getting lighting for your podcast may turn out to be a pretty difficult task if you don’t know everything about it. Here is a list of different elements you must consider while going ahead with any option! 

Brightness and Clarity 

The main reason why we go for lighting in the first place is to achieve the desired brightness and reduce blurry, dark footage. That’s why the lights you go for must have the required power and the brightness to illuminate the desired areas you want to cover. 

Understanding Color Temperature 

Having a know how of the color temperature is a must when you’re going for a camera lighting option. The color temperature can range between 2000 to 6500K. 

If you’re looking for added softness and something that viewers don’t find much troubling for the eye goes for the 2700-3000k. While 4800-5000k would be better for a detailed and extremely bright view, it should also be good for photography. 

Added Accessories

The accessory set is something to watch for. Some lighting offers you tons of added goodies like green background, carry bag extra clamps, and so on. These accessories will surely enhance your podcast recording experience to a certain extent. 

Light Diffusion 

Light diffusion and dispensation is an important aspect in terms of selecting the right light for your podcast. You must consider the light diffusion mechanisms coming with the light you want to go ahead with. Usually, the lights should be equipped with added diffusers or umbrellas so the rays aren’t directly striking your face, instead dispenses throughout the area for a better overall visual. 

Stand Strength 

Well, here is something that is often overlooked. The stands coming with the lights have to be strong. Many complain the stands aren’t durable enough and break easily. That’s why you need to check the stands for durability. 

Color Attachments 

Color attachments are a pretty interesting way to completely transform the lighting environment. Try getting lights that offer different color presets, so you can record each of the podcasts in the desired environment altogether. Colored attachments also make specialized photography more convenient. 

Well, these are the few factors which need consideration. If you’re able to get all these things in order, you’re expected to get a quality light for sure. 


What Are the Best Podcast Lighting Kits?

Cyezcor Video Conference Lighting Kit and UBeesize LED lights Video Light Kit are some of the best, cost-effective lighting options to go ahead with. 

How do you get good lighting for recording

You should go with the softbox or strip lights for your podcast recording sessions. 

What lights do YouTubers use?

Ring or circular lighting is the most commonly used light by the YouTuber community in general 

Are ring lights worth it?

Absolutely, they are worth it. They’re an extremely cost-effective, transport-friendly, compact and pretty effective lighting option for any streamer. 

How do I look better on Zoom?

Using a quality camera and lighting are perhaps the most effective tools that can help you look better on Zoom. You can check out this post for a good quality camera for your video podcast.

Final Thoughts 

After a highly comprehensive discussion on quality lighting options, we’re at the final parts of our guide. We’ve talked about some quality lights you can have for your video podcast sessions.

We collected exclusive information, presented their strengths and weaknesses and detailed specifications, so you get a clear picture of each item and an overall understanding of podcast lighting in general.

Quality lighting is now highly important as the digital space is becoming more and more competitive each day. As it is becoming the prime platform for regular and formal communications we must have the required devices for an appropriate visual.

So, let’s break the limit! Get the best lighting for podcast and dominate every show as you should right now! 

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