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Best Cell Camera for Hunting (Record the Wilderness in Action)

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You could be miles away from your hunting grounds or even your farmland. But even in that position, do you think you could monitor wildlife (and change camera settings while you’re at it to record according to your preferences)? 

With the best cell camera for hunting, you can. These remote cameras or camera traps keep an eye out for the wildlife on your behalf and give you the flexibility of enjoying the videos and pictures from the comfort of your home, or wherever you go.

In this article, find all the greatest cameras you could leave outside and forget for a long while to get every kind of wildlife photo for you just as you need them to be. Bid adieu to tramping on dead leaves and twigs and scaring away game with these beautiful, well-disguised pieces that can help you capture animals in their natural behaviors, all compared below.

Product Reviews On The Best Cell Camera For Hunting:

So what is the best cell camera for hunting? Here are the detailed reviews on cameras which are best in their own categories:

Best Overall: Vikeri Store Trail and Hunting Camera

Considered the top pick for all the right reasons, this hunting cam from Vikeri is known for capturing vibrant images and picking up clearly audible videos, no matter whether you are recording in the daytime or at nighttime. It lets you watch the wildlife closely while protecting itself with its rain-proof, drop-proof, and dust-proof technologies, working as well in tropical rain forests as it does in deserts.


  • Ultra High-Resolution video and image capturing ability.
  • Uses high-grade and premium IP66 material for increased durability.
  • Comes with a built-in 2.4 inches LCD color screen.
  • Has a trigger speed of 0.2 seconds with a trigger distance of 80ft day/65ft night.
  • It is equipped with a 120° field of vision.

You can view the pictures directly on the trail cam with this one. Especially during the day, it produces great colored photos which can be sharpened for greater detail if you don’t want the default clarity. You can also optimize the storage space to send and store fewer photos and videos with time, working smartly with your device’s needs.

The best thing about this hunting camera is that it has a lightning-fast trigger speed at less than 0.2s that comes with 1-3 shots choices. So your camera can detect pretty fast movements and accurately capture them before shooting. 

And besides the 120° detecting range, you also get 48 pieces of no-glow, infrared LEDs, which record animal movements even on wet days!

  • Shows natural animal behaviors at night without disturbing them.
  • Can be concealed very well in the natural environment.
  • Has 180 days of standard standby time.
  • Can survive tough natural elements.
  • Setup is intuitive and easy with its mounting strap.
  • Battery drainage could be slower.
  • Not the best for motion-activated videos.

Great for Videos: Usogood WiFi Trail Camera

Similar to the Vikeri Hunting Camera for having the 940nm invisible IR for night recording, this camera from Usogood also does a fair job when you are into night recording and image capturing of the wilderness. However, the connectivity here is wireless. So you have to connect the camera to its app, set the recording parameters, and preview your pictures and videos to decide how you need them to be recorded at any given time.


  • Automatic day and night sensors for 24MP crisp images and 1296P videos.
  • Has a higher color saturation on 2.0 inches of the LCD screen.
  • Triggered in 0.2 seconds if movement is detected.
  • Includes 3 PIR sensors with 120° ultra-wide detection angle.
  • Can record for as far as 65ft during the day and nighttime.

Through this hunting camera, you can record the most details during the day and decent ones during the night. It is quite different from the 850nm LED that you see in some hunting cams, because here you have 34 pieces of 940nm, invisible-IR, LED lights that ensure a solid recording at night. And since it is no-glow, the recording happens quietly without letting other humans or animals know of the camera’s presence.

It can also act as a time-lapse camera for you to record plant growth. And the instant trigger speed of the shutters ensures that whether you record for a long while or short while, you never miss out on the exciting bits of the hunting experience

This is also made waterproof to be usable on rainy or even snowy days for multi applications, including property surveillance.

  • App control lets you review images and videos from home.
  • Watch controller connects built-in wifi to your smartphone.
  • A 24MP camera lets you take clear and vivid images.
  • Shoots in upgraded 1296P HD resolution for vivid videos.
  • Has 3 PIR sensors and an ultra-wide 120° detection angle for recording on a grand scale.
  • Would be better if it had Bluetooth. 
  • Some birds if not big enough will not trigger the PIR.

Best Cellular Trail Cam: 4G LTE Wireless Cellular Camera

If you need more support in recording night videos than the 34 IR LEDs you got in the Usogood WiFi Trail Camera, here’s the best cell camera for deer hunting that comes with more backup. But compared to Usogood, Yellowstone operates differently.  The camera, SIM card, and your preferred data plan are altogether pre-configured on AT&T, sending you a picture on your phone within just 5 minutes. Here are other details on it:


  • Has a motion-detecting sensor that triggers pictures within 0.4 seconds.
  • Monthly Yellowstone ai data plans cost $6.00-$44.99/mo.
  • Captures 12MP vivid pictures and records videos in 1080p full-HD resolution.
  • Includes 57 pieces of 940nm, no-glow, invisible night-vision, and a GPS.
  • Hours of the runtime can be scheduled to send pictures at certain hours of the day.

A great camera that gives you sharp images and images during both daytime and nighttime, this device’s best benefit is its no-glow flash. It helps to illuminate any still scenario with an invisible flash. 

Also, the motion sensor sensitivity can be adjusted not to give you abrupt pictures of branches or grasses when other trail cams send you a hundred unimportant pictures. This saves your cellular data.

Another thing you can do is store HD video recordings on your storage card and send low-res images (preferably 99 a day) to your smartphone to save the data plan. 

With way fewer empty images sent to your phone and even the low-resolution images being clear enough to understand encounters, this is a genius device. You’ll also love the command center here that lets you view and manage settings anytime,

  • Can be used on vacant lands for surveillance or hunting.
  • The battery level is still high even after using it for months.
  • Camera settings can be adjusted to send videos directly to the app.
  • Can be paired with a metal protection cage from Yellowstone to save from punishments.
  • Very instructive user manuals and guides.
  • Set up might be a little daunting for new users.
  • More expensive than similar hunting cams.

Best Wireless Trail Camera: usogood WiFi Trail Camera 4K

For those of you who liked all the features of the Usogood WiFi Trail Camera but want more in terms of the video and image quality, here’s another one from them. With a tighter structure that promotes a water-resistant coat, protecting the camera from natural elements, this smart piece can help you record, supervise and capture details with the ease of mounting and password-protected security.


  • Has a fast enough trigger speed of 0.2 seconds to record in real-time.
  • Comes with a 2.0 inches LCD screen for previewing records.
  • Has a 120 ° detection angle with 65 feet of detection range.
  • The housing is 65mm thick and has passed waterproof testing.
  • The PIR interval and time-lapse settings let you customize specifications easily.

Using the latest CMOS sensors, this trail camera can record high-resolution wildlife performances in 4K with clearly identifiable audio. 

And you can take 24MP photos with this one too, delivering colored ones during the day, and black and white ones during the night. It has the same 940nm, no-glow, night-vision, infrared LEDs that its predecessors had, which helps not to scare the animals away.

The wireless functionality of this cellular camera is quite handy and can be used to send you pictures without needing to come to the camera every time. If you want to record a game crossing across the river, you can get all the live views of what the camera sees and get an understanding of your target areas. 

No need to guess or review pictures on a tiny screen because you can see everything live on your phone, making it so much easier!

  • Captures and records in 4K/1296P HD with clear audio.
  • Includes WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity along with app control.
  • HD night vision with the 34Pcs of 940nm infrared LEDs.
  • For night shots, the optimal distance is 1-13 meters.
  • Has a power-saving mode during offseason hunts. 
  • If the target moves a lot during night shots, the pictures may turn blurry.
  • Exposure time needs improvement.

Editor’s Pick: Reveal by Tactacam 4G LTE Cellular Camera

The hunting cam cult adores and celebrates Reveal as the best cellular trail camera for hunting for all the good reasons. A masterstroke in the wireless hunting cam world Tactacam’s Reveal is a cellular trail camera that trail cam junkies almost worship and some are yet to report a problem with theirs even after years of solid operation. Here are the details of its features.


  • Extremely easy to set up with the Tactacam Reveal App
  • Settings can be adjusted for preferable image sizes of 8MP, 12MP, or 24MP.
  • You can select the time span of shots and also pick from the multi-shot and delay options.
  • Has one of the highest possible detection ranges in trail cams, measuring up to 96ft.
  • Excellent battery life supported by energizer lithium-ion batteries. 

If a trail camera isn’t easy to set up, it has your disinterest right from the start. But that’s not the case with Reveal. All you have to do with this one is screw on the antenna provided, insert the required 12 AA lithium batteries, slot in your SD card and move the switch up from Off to Set Up. 

And when you click and scan on the QR code, you have access to the app that lets you pick your choice of plan to get as many as 250 pictures for just $5, or you can simply go unlimited for as low as $13 a month. Register and you’re ready!

And the best bit? While most hunting cam manufacturers prompt you to pick either of the Verizon or ATT carriers, Tactacam adapts to each! 

Anytime you want to change the settings on the Tactacam app or you want to update your camera settings based on how you want your pictures to look, you can get what you want in high-quality, far better than most non-cellular cameras. Your camera will also organize pictures for you into easily accessible folders in the app for your benefit.

  • Allows you to change camera settings for better details and resolution.
  • Very easy to set up compared to standard trail cams.
  • Transmits pictures taken on the camera within seconds to your phone.
  • SD card is extendable up to 32 GB.
  • High battery life lets you enjoy pictures without changing anything until hunting season is over.
  • SD card extendability can be improved.

Best Hi-tech Game Camera: CREATIVE XP Cellular Trail Cameras

If a weatherproof trail camera is all that you need from your hunting camera, then this is the right pick for you. The GlassRaven LTE from Creative XP is meant to be used in monsoon and during winter to record things in detail permitted without being shattered, damaged or losing connection midway. 

You also get an optional metal gearbox with the camera itself so you can choose to have it caged and protected or just out in the wild. Either way, it lets you monitor anything from your cell phone!


  • Uses IR technology along with its 65ft detection range for HD images and 1080p videos.
  • Includes a 4G LTE PLUS data plan compatible with ATT or T-Mobile.
  • Can be used for hunting, wildlife photography, and surveillance.
  • Powered with 8 AA batteries that may be plugged into a Creative XP solar panel.
  • Made to be waterproof, snowproof, and windproof in all seasons.

The plan with this camera only needs you to activate the Simhero on their manufacturer’s website. As a result, you hunters save plenty of time not having to go to stores and after you include your email into the camera settings, pictures are sent to your phone in as little time as 20 seconds! So the setup is quite easy. 

The motion detection hunting cam takes pictures in less than one second and can send them to you no matter where you are located in the country in less than a minute.

You can use it as a security device since the infrared lighting is invisible and will not alert intruders, making them cover their faces, so you have one of the best security cameras in this too. In terms of videos, it can record HD videos to send you footage and pictures nearly as soon as it captures them. 

It has the same number of built-in, invisible LEDs as the Trail Camera, however, the detection angle is a tad smaller at 110-degree. But the motion detection is unmatched with this one!

  • Excellent quality images and videos in any hour of the day.
  • Send photos and footage almost instantly to your phones.
  • Can be used as a security cam for surveillance. 
  • Set up is quick and easy.
  • Footage and photos are sent uncompressed and without distorting the quality.
  • Average battery life
  • Does not support a Verizon SIM card 

Best for Sensitive Motion Detection: Meidase P90 WiFi Trail Camera

Your game might be one that moves too fast and you need the sensitive details on its movements and behaviors without sacrificing the picture and video qualities. What trail cam do you pick? Meidase makes the best wireless game camera with a reliable design that can not just take clear photos and record videos for you, but also being IP66 waterproof and having compact housing, can operate in temperatures ranging from -4 to +140°F.


  • The camera has its own easy-to-use app, free to download.
  • Delivers high-resolution images in 32MP and records 1296p/1080p videos.
  • Includes both smart infrared night vision and a Blur-Reduction technology for clear night vision.
  • It provides a wide 120° view angle giving a wide field of vision.
  • Includes an external antenna connection for a stronger signal.

When you have the functionality of a user-friendly trail cam app along with a secure Wifi connection from it, you have all that you need. It takes the help of the processor and the optical lens and other components to send you high-resolution images and videos by optimizing its motion sensors. 

As a result, you get a stable capture and performance. Another great thing about this camera is that it utilizes a seamless H.264 video compression technology where you  can retrieve the videos and pictures on the app directly, without needing to download them first! 

The wide angle of the detection lets you perfectly capture a broad range and with the built-in color display technology, you get all the details you need to understand the encounter. The well-designed UI also helps you to set up the device within 1 minute. And the best bit? It supports SD/SDXC/SDHC memory cards that are extendable up to 512GB!

  • For both day and night, the detection range is 75 ft.
  • Processes high-quality images in a 32MP camera.
  • CMOS image sensor and high-clarity optical lens deliver great details.
  • Videos are compressed using the H.264 technology for faster fast downloads.
  • Great for both trap and home security.
  • Nighttime video length is 30 seconds max.
  • Needs to be mounted in a good place for proper operation.

Easiest to Use: Browning 2018 Strike Force Pro XD Hunting Camera

When it comes to getting cameras that are both rugged and dependable when it comes to dealing on-field, Browning trail cameras have been the easiest to use with some of the most reliable pictures for years. You can get high-quality images and videos both from it and make good use of its wireless capability while you’re at it.


  • Includes dual camera lens technology for better quality images.
  • The daytime lens is tuned to produce highly sharp images.
  • The nighttime lens has been updated for clarity in detail.
  • Night camera lens takes incredibly clear nighttime photos
  • Invisible IR flash takes images without letting game or intruder know of the camera’s presence. 

The best thing about the Browning Strike Force Pro XD is that it features a dual-camera technology. What that means for hunters is that depending on the different hours of the day or night, the camera starts operation accordingly. The day camera works in line with the sunlight while the night camera beats through the darkness to take good photos.

It also comes with a decent 16 GB SD card that slides into the camera and is compatible with almost any supporting device and can hold as many as 6,160 photos using the 10 MP camera or even 240 minutes of recorded videos at 9 Mbps. 

You get to fit 16 AA batteries in it, so the cellular radio circuitry is meant to last a long while before it runs out of power, something that wildlife video enthusiasts thoroughly enjoy.

  • Lasts for years before you need to invest again.
  • Very simple to use.
  • Comes with an optional security box for protecting the camera.
  • Gives you clear shots during the day and nighttime.
  • Double cameras work according to the hours of the day.
  • Trigger speed could be improved.
  • Storage space could be better.

Also Great: Browning Strike Force HD Pro X Trail Game Camera

The last one on the list is also from Browning. But this time you have a better video capturing ability than the 2018 Strike Force Pro XD. With app compatibility where you can set up, change, and manage your picture and video collections, this is a reasonable pick from Browning, especially if you are anticipating high action on the field where every second of the climax matters.


  • Improved and updated to capture photos and videos of wildlife.
  • Captures images at 20MP and records videos at HD or 1600x900p with sound. 
  • Includes a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor to capture the game.
  • Has a wide-angled detection range measuring 80ft.
  • The trigger speed is super fast at 0.22 seconds of subject movement.

With its 120-degree detection angle and a wide detection range, this camera lets you capture far and beyond what most trial cameras allow. 

With the Timelapse Plus shooting mode, you can take images and set the intervals you want them to be sent to you to notice the change in the pattern of animal movement and behavior over time. It gives you relatively high performance when it comes to triggering speed at 0.22 seconds.

Another great thing about it is the “Illuma-Smart” technology which senses the flash you may need to capture a high-quality night-time image and adjusts the settings accordingly, resulting in clearer images than normal trail cameras take, making sure that you have the details just as you would need them.

  • Can store and transfer a lot of high-quality photos without glitching.
  • Equipped with a SanDisk Ultra SDHC 32GB memory card.
  • Suitable as a compact and mid-range, point-and-shoot camera.
  • Transfers files quickly upon capturing images.
  • Durable devices that can last in harsh weather.
  • Battery needs improving.
  • The video-taking duration should be extended at night.

Do Cell Cameras Spook Deers?

No,  a cellular cam does not spook deers. At least not if the cellular network or data is transmitted wireless through your wireless hunting camera. The deers and whitetails cannot detect data moving by RF, and can neither see nor feel it. 

So unless you place it poorly in a bad location, deers will not be spooked by cell cameras. For cellular technology cameras that serve your purpose, here’s more on the best video camera for deer hunting.

Can Deers Sense Cell Cameras?

No. Deers cannot sense cell cameras. However, if your trail camera is loud or if the deers can see the infrared flash during image captures, they can be alerted by the presence of something. 

So always invest in a high-quality game camera like a wireless game camera or a wireless deer camera! If you can hear clicking noises and if you are alerted by the crazy flashes, the deers will be too. Although mature bucks may tolerate noises to some extent, why take the chance to lose your game hunt?

Always place your existing trail camera at least 6 to 7 feet high and angle it down with a stick or corn pile or anything. Since whitetails aren’t keen to look up, they will act naturally if your cell cameras do not get in the way and even if flashes come from that high, they would not react to it. For recording the natural behavior of the whitetails, here’s an article on the best camcorders for hunting about some other wireless trail cameras.

Buying Guide to Get the Best Cell camera for Hunting 

You can follow this guide to find out what goes into picking the best cell cameras for hunting:

Picture Quality:

If you buy a camera that comes with data plans then the higher you pay for the plans, the better will be your picture quality. However, if it is not the case for you, then you have to think from other perspectives. What is the image resolution and what camera are you getting? 

Certainly, a 12MP camera will send you a different quality image than a 32 MP one. So if you don’t want grained and blurry images, you should opt for those that are great on the CMOS sensors, camera megapixels, and those that can record in high resolutions too. 

Again, cameras that compress or don’t compress files upon benign sent to your phone, here’s where you should stop and decide if you can do with low-quality images or no sacrifices at all.

Network coverage:

When you select a cellular hunting camera, it should operate on an extensive network. You’ll find two common carriers that you need to deal with, Verizon and AT&T. Some trail cams are compatible with both these carriers and can adapt easily. 

Again, others may require both your phone network and the trail camera network provider to be identical. Pay attention to which of these trail cams would best suit the place you want the coverage of.

Trigger Time

How fast your hunting camera reacts to an object entering its detection range is its trigger time. The smaller it is, that is, the faster the trigger time, the lesser chances you have of missing an object or game in view. So if you will be recording speedy animals and birds, it will be wiser to go for a camera with a faster trigger time.

Detection Range

This is the range to which your hunting camera will be sensitive and will record movements. It also lets you know the highest distance an animal or bird needs to be in for the camera to capture it for your viewing. 

If your animal, intruder, or prey is beyond the detection range, you will have no luck capturing it. Some hunting cams can be adjusted to give you a wider or narrower detection angle.

Low Glow and No Glow Flash

The low-glow flash is dim and red and helps you capture bnw images at night. This is great if hunters don’t want to scare the wildlife but the image quality is not the greatest in this one. By the way, if you are interested in making a film about your hunting you can read this article.

In no-glow flashes, the trail cam uses flash outside the visible spectrum, and hence eliminates the chance to spooky wildlife out and send them away. It also takes higher quality pictures and is what is called a Night Vision in the trail cam jargons.

Quality and durability

Your camera needs to be weatherproof in the least. As you would have noticed, some of the cameras on the list today are even rainproof and snowproof. So depending on where you will be shooting, make sure that your deer camera is protected from natural punishments on the field. 

Also, if it is possible to secure your camera in a cage, do so. But make sure it doesn’t hurt the image quality or reduce your field of vision to track the game. The cellular trail cams in general should be made of materials that can sustain outdoor survival both on and off-seasons.

Final Words

As you saw, the overall best cell camera for hunting was the Vikeri Hunting Camera with its day and night vision, great detection range, and standby time along with the ability to survive in tough environments. 

Also, the Trail Camera is the greatest in cellular trail cameras if you need to record more at night than during the day with its 57 Infrared LEDs. For a camera that shuts down rain, sun, and snow and keeps recording still, the wireless trail cameras like Usogood WiFi Trail Camera lets you do it. 

There is also another Usogood camera on the list that lets you shoot in 4K. And if you want the highest detection range and the trust of the trail camera junkies backing you up with high-quality pictures at a fast enough trigger speed, you always have  Reveal by Tactacam as one of the best cellular trail cameras that lets you have unlimited pictures in a steal of a data plan! 

For the largest storage space and the best picture quality, the  Meidase P90 WiFi Trail Camera is the absolute best.

So you see, it all depends on what you want from your cellular trail cameras to pick one for yourself.

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