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Best Camera for 10 Year Old (Is Your Child a Photographer-To-Be?)

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Did you think that because you are a grown-up, only you need a good first camera, and the kids that want to get on in this new hobby will do with just about anything toy-like? Turns out, you were wrong! Because kids who want to pursue movie making or vlogging or even photography as a future career need a solid starter camera. This not only allows them to capture the world and record it as they do but opens doors for imaginations, creativity, and a broader perspective. Now, we created a list of the best cameras for 10-year-olds and made a comprehensive guide on how you can buy them.

Features to Look Out for in the Best Camera for 10 Year Old Boys and Girls


You know that with little kids as they grow, their hands and fingers and eyes are still learning to coordinate still. So when you are getting a big camera for them, it will be a fun thing to hold for them and an easy thing to hold. And when they enjoy clicking or recording with those cameras, the chances are that they will want to work more with it and develop a passion for photography. 

Furthermore, in the cameras that have more oversized buttons, the icons may overlap the writings due to the buttons taking up so much space. In that case, you can get a camera for the boy, which comes with small pictures indicating which button is for which, so that if he has difficulty reading, he can understand by image.


Kids and dropping things from the hands are two things that are not mutually exclusive. Hence, you have to be more or less prepared for them, throwing the camera intentionally or unintentionally and result in damage. And not just dropping, they can find creative ways of causing trouble to the camera. For these reasons, you need to have a durable camera for kids that are young and restless. Durability is, therefore, an essential feature to consider.

Even if the kids aren’t young and are older and more “responsible” kids who are going out, you will need to give them a durable camera. It should be weatherproof and definitely waterproof.


Getting a camera that is more than point and shoots can prove to be a huge factor for toddlers. But not for 10-year-old boys and girls. They need a camera that does more than the shooting. You can get them a camera with adjustable features beyond pre-set menus and make the shooting process more fun and engaging.


Your child’s eyesight is probably much, much better than yours, but that doesn’t mean you can get him a camera where he will have to squint to find the right function. You need to pay attention to the display screen if you are getting your child a digital camera.


We know how children take seconds to get unattracted to things and leave things like they are for months without noticing. But you have to notice even if they aren’t; that is, the batteries. If the double-A batteries are left inside the camera for half a year without the child or you noticing, the camera can be damaged for life. So either get a rechargeable battery set for the kid or keep an eye out yourself!

Top 10 Reviews on the Best camera for 10-Year Old

AbergBest Rechargeable HD Digital Camera

If your child doesn’t want to get in the inner details of cameras, you should give him simple enough to do the tricks of capturing. For that reason, getting him a point and shoot camera would be just the right thing to do.

AbergBest’s camera is a point and shoots one. All the menu options are pre-set, and all your child will need to do is the point at what he wants to capture and press it. This is why it is called point and shoot or point and click. This type of camera makes sure that the entire process of photo clicking can become complex as you move up the stage and doesn’t appear so complex to the kid.

Besides photography mode, it also has a video shooting mode. For this reason, this can also serve as a good vlogging camera for 10-year-olds and definitely a decent one for early teenagers. However, you will need to get a separate SD card once you get the camera for your child to record all the items!

Kicteck Digital Vlogging Camcorder

This multifunctional camera from Kicteck makes one of the best video cameras for 10-year-olds. Why? Because of the many useful features, it has. First of all, it has a 1080p recording resolution and a 24 MP capturing resolution, both of which are extremely well suited for a mature, responsible child and want to be an avid photographer at 10 years age only.

There is also available here 16x zoom, which allows your boy or girl to capture all that they want outdoors. It also has some other notable features, such as an anti-shaking one and can also be used for timed photography, self-shooting or vlogging, webcam function, beauty function, and much more.

Let’s speak in more detail about the webcam function. When you want to call your family, but your computer doesn’t have a webcam, you can make a video call with your child’s camera. You only have to choose a PC cam mode. If you’re out in the office and want to talk to your kid at home who doesn’t have a phone of his own, you can use it too. It also comes with rechargeable batteries.

VTech Kidizoom Action Camera

Kidizoom is a very popular option for kids who love photography and parents who want to encourage their child’s interest. Marked as one of the best action cameras for a 10-year-old, this is a great example of what a durable camera should look like.

As is the case with action cameras, these easily tend to be able to resist damage and the weather. When your kid is fond of recording outdoors or in the park with his friends, it becomes easier for you to worry about what on earth will happen with the camera; you just got your kid. Well, it will be safe as long as that doesn’t lose it because the weatherproof and durable kidizoom will sustain other losses well.

It has the necessary photo effects that your child will like, and it will also entertain kids and tumble down with them without being damaged!

Dragon Touch InstantFun Camera

The camera itself doesn’t look half as scary as the name sounds, and it has nothing to do with dragons or their touches. However, if dragons build a cute scene in your mind, this is just what you would like for your kid. It is an instant camera that is portable and hence is very kid-friendly. Even 4-year-olds can play with it; your child will have a two-inch screen on it on which to display the picture.

The camera can take a total of 750 photos, and the photos come out seconds after you press the button, or they press it themselves. It not only lets your kid capture photos but also decorate them with color pencils and designs that come along, making it suitable for that photographer kid who also loves to draw! 

As creative as it is, kids who are more mature for their age may not like this, as it is quite a child.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

Since we are discussing instant cameras, it is extremely certain and given that we will be including FujiFilm in the list. And what could be the best instant camera for a 10-year-old, if not the cult favorite Mini 9? This instant camera was soon a favorite of many children and hence makes it to the cut today.

So what makes it so special? This simple to use camera is able to capture and deliver photos in seconds. And even if the capture is fast, unlike other cameras, the images aren’t blurry first and need waiting to become vivid later. It is normally bright and clear, as images captured from good cameras should be.

It also has a built-in flash. So if your child is worried about not getting as pretty an image in the nighttime as they got in the day time, just reassure them!

This is actually a set that comes with a camera, two twenty-pack films, adjustable straps, a photo album with 64 pages, selfie lenses, color filters and frames, clips and strings, and cleaning cloths. All these naturally make it more expensive than the other cameras on the list, instant or not.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Blush Pink Camera with 3X FujiFilm

Here is another instant fun camera from FujiFilm, which became even more popular than its predecessors. The mini 11 happens to be one of the easiest FujiFilm to work with, and getting your child on to liking Fujifilm from a young age and letting them develop a liking for these, may also make them love what the future Fujifilm camera type holds for them.

Your child will get a lot of lighting conditions on the camera. There is already an Auto Exposure mode for that. It is not the easiest to deal with if you change the settings or try for it. But as long as you don’t tamper with what is set, you will get clear images.

The prints are small, fun, and creative, making them one of the best cameras for 10-year-olds. What’s interesting about it is that you get an all-time built-in flash with it that can’t be disabled, and some would say the kids love it!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera with FujiFilm

Here’s the last one of the list from FujiFilm, and this too is a Mini 11. This version has a different color, so if you are someone who wants not to get the same thing for a sibling duo or trio, just get one of these. That way, you can be sure of Fuji’s functionality, and both of them can feel unique, even if it is not that big of a difference. As we will speak later more about it, camera shape and color are important features to consider when making a camera purchase for your kids.

The image quality that you get from this is mostly clear but may vary if you have chosen to work on the settings; here, you still have the inability to disable the flash. But the fact that this is inexpensive and comes from a great source of camera makers, this is an impressive one for children.

Seree Digital Vlogging Camera

This brand may not be counted as the one you would pick for yourself when you have a passion for photography. But since we are talking about kids who tend to lose, drop or damage things, you may like the brand Seree. And when you take a look at some of the notable features, you will understand why we call it one of the best video cameras for a 10-year-old.

The camera supports 2.7k video resolution in it, with a 30MP picture resolution to capture images with. This has a comparatively larger screen than some of the ones mentioned in the list, at 3 inches size. What’s more, your kid will have the ability to flip the camera by 180 degrees, so getting the angles won’t be a deal.

This camera also supports a webcam function, and the media can be carried on to the PC to be streamed there. There is also a built-in retractable flash in here for dark environment image capture. Last but not least, you get an 800 mAh rechargeable battery set with it and a free 32 GB SD card for all the media files!

VTech Kidizoom Duo 5.0 Digital Selfie Camera

If you ask people what their first camera was as a child, they would probably name this one from VTech. The duo 5.0 has been a consumer favorite for decades and ages and still continue to be so for parents who loved photography then and want their children to love photography now. This is not something very hardcore type of a camera, but the basic function and the fun interface on it make it one of the best digital cameras for a 10-year-old.

The buttons on it are big and bright with excellent build quality and rubbery edges that protect from sudden drops. This camera comes with a 5 MP camera and 4 times zooming ability, just about enough for some enthusiastic kid learning to capture shots and make videos.

KODAK Printomatic Instant Print Camera

You know how there is always team X and team Y of everything. One likes red color while the other likes blue, like the presidential elections and the voters that go left or right? In the childhood battle of which camera was the best performing, you either liked the Fujifilm mini 9 or the Kodak Printomanic. In-betweeners were the small punks of the playfield, but the real bosses were these two.

So what makes it the best camera for a 10-year-old? Simplistic features. This is a point and shoot camera that works with children and adults. It has a capture resolution of 10MP, which is neither too bad nor exceedingly good, given some others on the list. Your child can save all the images in the microSD card that comes along, so there is no headache when buying SD cards separately.

Reason to Avoid Cameras for Kids

The only time you should not be getting one of these for your kids is when he definitely doesn’t want it. It is good to try to develop an interest in the kid when he has shown a genuine interest in photography. But if you’re pushing the whole camera, video, vlog things when he simply doesn’t want to, things can backfire. Also, keep choking hazards in mind and check for the durability of the buttons and knobs in the camera when making a purchase.

Buying Guide for the Best Starter Camera for A 10-Year Old

In order to buy the best cameras for 10-year-old children, you can follow this guide:


This post specifies the age of your kid to 10 years. All the cameras mentioned here are good enough for boys a little younger than or a little older than 10 years given their manners of handling the camera you know of. So whenever you are buying cameras, whether video or digital ones for your children, keep in mind what suits a 10-year-old won’t suit an 8/9-year-old. For 8 years old jump over here.


It is actually indirectly proportional to your kid’s age. If you didn’t like the sound of that, it just means that your camera size should go in the opposite way of your kid’s age. So you will purchase larger cameras for smaller kids, and you will get smaller cameras (than before) for bigger kids. So, the camera that may be the right one for a 5-year-old will be different from a 10-year-old’s due to the difference in size. Younger kids have less developed motor skills, and as such, they need larger cameras to just hold and go without much fuss.


This defines how easily the kid can use the camera. There can be two types of ease your camera can offer here—the ease of holding the camera and the ease of operation. You may know from experience or knowledge that there can be seen details on the display screen on some cameras. These details are used to judge how you want the end result to be. We understand that this is not so important for smaller kids, and they may end up getting confused with it, but older kids who are passionate about the ins and outs may like such displays.

Again, cameras for young kids need not have any viewfinder. They are better off with simpler displays.

And lastly, the ease of holding the camera that will come from big buttons and round edges also speak of its utility to the kids.


You know that children like the idea of accomplishing the simplest of things (that’s how it should be anyway). So, when they click pictures or take a simple video with the camera, that will be a huge thing for them, given that your child is young and is learning these things well with his new camera. So, having a lot of functions on the camera may not be so essential for them. But for older kids who want to do more than just click and shoot, more functions will be important, as click and capture only may not impress them.

Camera Shape and Color

The shape and color of a camera are important when you are talking about younger kids and their preferences. Bright and shiny cameras, although shiny, may not be something you see on cameras, will be something they will like, whether a boy or a girl. The kids may not care much about functions on the camera, but they do care plenty about the colors and shape or other external features that make the camera look attractive.

It is not that they can’t like bright stuff for older kids, but they may prefer better designs and not necessarily plain black and ash cameras. 


Your child’s interest in photography, vlogging, and making videos of nature or anything for that matter will help you to determine which camera will be right for him or her. Some children want to purchase a camera just because their friend in the park got one, and they need to show that they got one too. So the camera will not be anything more than a toy for them. In that case, you need not invest plenty, and you can just get her something that captures images. On the other hand, if your 10-year-old has a genuine interest in photography and you see this as a first step for him to advance, you can get a decent camera with better functions. 

Picture Quality

If your child is one that is concerned about getting good quality pictures, pay good attention to the pixels, sensors, lighting, and shooting modes that the camera you want to buy is going to offer.


Features are important to understand your child’s progress in the line of photography. Suppose that you got a camera for him when he was a mere 5-year-old, and with that camera, he could capture only images. With growing age, he learned capturing, and he now wants to know how to take clearer pictures adjusted for lights or focus, or he wants to now record himself and the family. So you know now that he will need better features on the camera. If you have an interest in family photography, you have to gain more ideas about perfect camera family photography.

For the younger kids, having an Auto Mode usually does not need to adjust any settings. For older kids, digital cameras that have fewer set features and more flexibility for the budding photographer.


If your kid has a digital camera, you may need to get an additional printer. If he has got himself a polaroid one, you may need additional films on the go. Again, a bag and a lens wiper is something you’ll need no matter what, so make the basic investments when you are getting the camera for the kids.

Intended Use

If your child plans to use the camera more outdoors than indoors, having a weatherproof camera or a camera that has been DIY-ed weatherproof to save the bucks will be just what he and you need. A fluctuation of temperature, wind, and dust, the sun will be the factors your kid and his camera will need to deal with; so it better come with the precautions, or else you’ll blame the kid for ruining it! Again, if your child wants to make videos more than he likes to take pictures, get him a camcorder or a video camera; if he wants instant pictures, get him a polaroid camera. 


What can be a good first camera for children?

All the ones we mentioned in the list can be good first cameras split according to age and functionality. While there is no specific good camera that all age types and all children like, Fujifilm, Kodak, VTech, etc. make good first cameras.

What cameras can teenagers start with?

Since teenagers are better handlers of the camera structure and the increasing complexity of its features and functions, cameras such as Sony Cybershot, Nikon Coolpix, and Canon EOS range can be a starting point for them.

Is it possible to weather-seal a camera?

While you can always get weatherproof cameras from the store, you can weather-seal it using protective covers.

Final Words

Hopefully, you are clear on what makes the best cameras for 10-year-old boys and girls! If you think that your child will not be so impressed with the ones on the list (since every kid is different and sometimes picky), you can always go back to our guide to get what’s best for them!